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Using Books in School

When we were starting Big Brother Mouse, many people reported the same experience when they had been able to find a few books in Lao (or, often, in another language) and donate them to a school: They came back months later, and found that the teacher had hidden the books or locked them away, so they wouldn't get damaged or stolen.

This short booklet gives suggestions about how teachers can use books as part of the education process, getting kids involved in reading, thinking, and interpreting. Most rural teachers never before had fun books to use in their classroom; now that they do, we want to help them find ways to do so.

by Sonesoulilat Vongsouline, photographs by Big Brother Mouse staff
First published in 2009 :: Lao language :: 32 pages :: Paperback :: A5

This book was sponsored in memory of Dr Bronwyn Halliday who loved books and valued education, by Julie McIntyre & Jim Telfer of Australia.

Samples pages from our book: Using Books in School


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