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Cooking Lao Food

Every day, the staff at Big Brother Mouse sits down to a delicious lunch. In our early days, those lunches were cooked by Kham, and we recall them with mouth-watering delight.

Now, Kham has revealed the secrets of more than two dozen of her most popular dishes. They include Lao classics (owlam; tom yam); Luang Prabang specialties (kai paen; vegetable salad); and others that are delicious but less well unknown (cabbage with eggs).

Occasional bits of nutritional information are scattered among the recipes. Rice, bamboo, and wild mushrooms are among the most common foods in many rural Lao villages, but these foods lack some important nutrients. The suggestions in this book will not only provide new dining enjoyment, but by increasing the range of foods consumed, will contribute to better health.

by Khenkham Toummalee, photographs by Kongsy Vilayphone
First published in 2012 :: Lao language :: 64 pages :: Paperback :: A5

This book was made possible through the support of Tatsumi Elementary School in Tokyo (Japan), Manoj Paul (USA) and Planet Wheeler (Australia). Thank you!

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