Dr. Dolittle and the Pirates book cover

Dr. Dolittle and the Pirates

For nearly a century, this story of a kind-hearted animal doctor has entertained both children and adults. One of our earliest books was a Lao translation of Dr. Dolittle.

This abridged version is half the length of the original, with larger type, many pictures, and wider margins. It's designed to appeal to younger children, helping them improve their reading skills at a time when a larger book is too intimidating. With practice from shorter books like this, they'll soon be eager for the full-length story.

by Hugh Lofting, illustrated by Chittakone Vilaipong
First published in 2013 :: Lao language :: 96 pages :: Paperback :: 19 x 26 cm

Sponsored by Laura Dixon, and dedicated to Connor Daniels-March.

Samples pages from our book: Dr. Dolittle and the Pirates


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