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Nang Sipsong

Across the Mekong River from Luang Prabang lie two long mountains. From the town, they look like a man and woman, resting on their backs, with their heads together and their legs extending out. They are Pu Tao and Pu Nang, the Romeo and Juliet of Lao folklore, who died and were reborn as mountains.

Siphone, whose past books include some of our most popular titles such as the Xieng Mieng tales, has written that story and two others so that they can be enjoyed today, and preserved for future generations.

retold by Siphone Wutthisakdy, illustrated by Sonephasit Phanphila and Oudone Thitthai
First published in 2012 :: Lao language :: 48 pages :: Paperback :: A5

This book was made possible by a donation from Nam Jai in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: Nang Sipsong


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