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Nang Visaka

In Buddhist tradition, Nang Visaka gave robes to the monks, because they didn't have enough clothes during the rainy season. She was the first person to offer gifts to the monks. The Buddha said that was a good thing to do, and it became custom that is still practiced today.

Other Buddhist traditions arose during this time, including guidelines about showing respect for one's parents, and the rule that monks and young women should not spend time alone together. This illustrated story gives a picture of life in a former time, and the origins of Buddhism.

retold by Siphone Voutthisakdee, illustrated by Seng Xaysawan
First published in 2012 :: Lao language :: 48 pages :: Paperback :: A5

This book was made possible with the support of Brian & Gerry Warren of Tasmania, Australia. Thank you!

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