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Our Family Book

Most people in Laos grew up never seeing a book. Some were exposed to textbooks in school, but never had a chance to discover reading as a source of pleasure, or of information to improve their lives. The idea of reading to children before bed is unknown, and many people still can't read at all.

We've already developed several successful techniques for introducing books into village and family life. Here is another.

"Our Family Book" begins by teaching the alphabet and how to read. Then it has short stories for families to read together; excerpts from longer books; health and nutrition advice; and much more. We're giving one to each family when we open a reading room in their village, as a way to further introduce the pleasures and benefits of reading.

by Big Brother Mouse staff
First published in 2013 :: Lao language :: 128 pages :: Cloth :: A4

This book was made possible by a gift from Charles Felsenthal of the USA, in honor of his Lao friends Tham, Vong, and Souk. Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: Our Family Book


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