Two friends, Champa and Champou book cover

Two friends, Champa and Champou

Siphai retells two traditional Lao stories, depicting life in a long-past era. In the first story, two friends hunt together in the forest every day. But Champa gets tired of sharing when his friend Champou never catches anything. Champa makes a plan to break off the friendship, with unexpected results.

The second story tells about a family that becomes poor after a friend betrays them. They work hard to survive, then get help from a magical naga.

Traditional stories remain our most popular category of books. These stories help in our goal of making it fun to read, so children - and adults - can acquire reading skills that will benefit them in other ways, as well.

by Sisawath Sionetha, illustrated by Somboun Keomanyvong
First published in 2014 :: Lao language :: 32 pages :: Paperback :: A5

This book was made possible through the generosity of Lin Palmer of England. Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: Two friends, Champa and Champou


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