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We Live in Savannakhet

Digging for crickets to eat, washing the buffalo, spinning thread, sorting fish, and giving little brother a free ride... Two children in the Mangkong ethnic group of southern Laos tell about their families, and daily life in their village.

This book can be read by children at level 5 of our "I Can Read" program.

by Vannaled Sayyavong, Longnee Her, Ajoy Inthasen and Nuphin Intasen, photographs by Chanthaly Mouansavat, Vannaled Sayyavong, Saosouline Phatthanakone and Sengphet Duangsawang
First published in 2014 :: Lao language :: 32 pages :: Paperback :: A5 horizontal

This book was made possible by a sponsorship from CLSA Chairman'sTrust. Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: We Live in Savannakhet


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