What Can You Do with an Extra Dinosaur? book cover

What Can You Do with an Extra Dinosaur?

We're publishing several books about dinosaurs. They're a popular subject with both kids and adults. As any parent can tell you, children like to explore one subject in depth. And dinosaurs have been found in Laos; it would be wonderful if we can inspire a few future paleontologists.

This particular book is more fantasy than science, but serves all three purposes, as Bounmee puts her extra dinosaurs to good use: Replacing a washed-out bridge, opening coconuts, or serving as a water slide.

by Uncle Sasha Alyson, illustrated by Gikong
First published in 2008 :: Lao and English :: 32 pages :: Paperback :: 19 x 26 cm

This book was made possible by a special fund-raising auction conducted by the Canadian Embassy Officer's Club, Washington, D.C., to provide support for Big Brother Mouse. Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: What Can You Do with an Extra Dinosaur?


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