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Wily Python and other stories

In ancient times, people believed that if you found a piece of fruit in the forest, but there was no tree of that sort nearby, the fruit had magic powers: Whoever ate it would fall under the charm of a python.

Which was not where you want to be. In this story, the python charms a young woman into believing that its wide-open mouth is the doorway to a castle, with a handsome prince waiting for her inside.

In this book, four traditional Lao folktales are beautifully illustrated by Kongmanephone, a young woman from Udom Xai province who seems not to have trusted the python.

by Kongsy Vilayphone, Duangmala Punyasawat and Louksaomeuangphuan, illustrated by Kongmanephone Jonglueyang
First published in 2015 :: Lao language :: 64 pages :: Paperback :: A5

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