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Here's what visitors say about Big Brother Mouse

Naturally, we're excited about getting books to more places in Laos. So are people who have visited, helped us, and seen what we're doing. Here are some of their comments.

I visited BBM in Luang Prabang and then gave the books to a very thankful teacher. What bliss! In return they sang a song. I'm going to buy more books!
 – Anna Trisia Beby, Netherlands/Indonesia

We bought a few of your books and donated them in villages. Teachers and students were thrilled!!!
 – Moon S. Hong and Jonathan Cohen, Korea and Australia

We volunteered to teach English on a couple of afternoons and again these were enormously rewarding experiences for us and hopefully also for those seeking to expand their knowledge and English skills.
 – Anne Prince, Sydney, Australia

It was a great pleasure to meet you and to take part in several conversation classes [with young people practicing English] and a wonderful book party. These were amazing experiences for us, but far more importantly were clearly of transformative value for the Lao who were involved.
 – Doug Ewart, Canada

My husband and I volunteered at Big Brother Mouse in Luang Prabang last month, and we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your organization. Your mission is awesome, the feeling of the center inspiring, and the books you produce are culturally sensitive and beautiful. I so respected what you are doing that I have engaged my mother, a retired English teacher, in the idea of your book parties. Please know that she and I are talking about how to fundraise for book parties or other needs you might have.
  Our time in Luang Prabang was significant and altering; in just six days we felt a part of the community. Tamarind, Ock Pop Tok, and Big Brother Mouse seem to us to be setting the bar high on how to introduce tourists to local culture with dignity and sensitivity. We hope to return to Luang Prabang in the future. Please know that Big Brother Mouse will be one of our first stops there.
 – Laura Kaufman, USA

Fantastic program, we'd love to see something similar in our country.
 – Rick & Tracy Johnson, South Africa

My daughter is 2 year and 4 months old and she loves your books. She already knows the alphabet. Her favorite book is Fun With Fruit by Sonesulilat. She takes it to bed with her every night.
 – Bounyang, Udom Xai, Laos
(Bounyang sells our books in Udom Xai, and has been active in introducing the pleasures of reading to people of all ages in that province.)

It is good to know there are people using their talents and initiative to promote literacy. I feel much more comfortable with the idea of giving books to children than promoting dependence with money gifts.
 – Tahira and Sariya Warburton, England

This is a fantastic project. I will teach my students back home about your great work.
 – Fiona Black, Australia

I'm not usually excited to get email newletters. Yours is the exception. I was in Luang Praband for a couple of days in late October, and luckily encountered BBM and got on the mailing list. Your newsletter took me right back and reminded me what a great job you're doing there.
 – Gary Hall, Thailand

I had the pleasure of buying books (The Wonders of the World) from you and giving them as gifts for people who helped us during our stay. I gave one book on our last morning to an older woman who had shared her mat with me every morning when I was giving alms to the monks. She was so pleased as were the women around us with the book, everyone read the book, then a woman who spoke some English passed it back to me. When they realized I was giving the book to the oldest woman, she clapped her hands and the smiles were so real and large. That was such a powerful experience for me.
 – Marsha Canick, United States

 The parties were well planned, carried out with enthusiasm and skill and were lots of fun for the kids. I saw many of the teachers really enjoying them as well. Some of the teachers were making notes so they could incorporate some of the ideas into their teaching. Some of the teachers expressed interest in having BBM do a week of teacher training!!
 Yesterday, it was great to walk down the road, or pop into some of the neighbors houses, and see kids reading BBM books!
 –Lloyd and Darlene, Tonsivit Vocational Center, Phonsavan, Xieng Khouang Province

This was my second visit. The kids loved the books, so I came back for more.
 – Park Il, Korea

Brilliant! I gave some of these books to a tribe who let us stay in their village. I gave them to the chief and 10 minutes later his children had stolen the books from him and were excitedly reading them. Great feeling, great work!
 – Tom Osborn, England