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Sponsoring books since 2008

Book sponsorships pay most, but not all, of the cost of creating and printing a book. That helps us keep prices low, for schools, for visitors, and the growing number of Lao people who have enough income to consider buying a low-priced book. We asked sponsors to tell us why they decided to do so.

After many trips here, Nick has become a good friend. His generous sponsorship made it possible to conduct a test that we needed to do: We printed 'What's in the Sky' in both paperback and hardcover versions, and put them in different schools and reading rooms. Hardcover costs more, of course, but also lasts longer. Now we're watching to see whether the extra longevity is enough to justify the extra cost.

Photo of sponsor You've visited the temples, enjoyed the food, drunk the beer, met the locals, and spoken fragmented English with novices. You may have been invited to Lao homes. You've seen how friendly, polite and charming the Lao are.

You've seen what they have, and don't have. You've seen how their schools are equipped. You feel a need to help, but how?

With Big Brother Mouse it's not just about books: they also coach authors and artists, organise libraries, and, as a Lao company, prepare their managers to be future Lao entrepreneurs.

I first met the Mouse in March 2008. I've sponsored 3 books, and a couple of book parties. I'm very pleased with the work the Mouse does.

Visit Big Brother Mouse -- see what they do. You'll see their results. Get involved -- you'll know where your money is going!

Nick Hubbard, England

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