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Will you join hundreds of other book sponsors to get books to more children in Laos? Each sponsorship helps us publish one more book in a country where that's still a rare event. Here are details about how to send your sponsorship donation.

Books that need a sponsor: (all amounts are in U.S. dollars)

PRINCE PHADAENG AND PRINCESS AIKHAM: a book that needs a sponsor.

This long legend tells of the daughter of a rich man and a mute beggar who fall in love and marry, but do not find happiness together. They are reborn: She as a princess; he as a naga prince, and meet again.
Lao language. Sponsorship: US $2200

This coming-of-age story portrays a native American Indian boy in a culture that centers around the buffalo hunt. Through his exciting story, readers learn about hunting, trading, ceremonial dances, and other customs of Native Americans.
Lao language. Sponsorship: US $1800

What child isn't intrigued by dinosaurs? Yet many kids in Laos haven't yet heard of them. These drawings and short captions depict animals ranging from early sea creatures to primitive humans, but with a special emphasis on dinosaurs.
Lao and English. Sponsorship: US $2600

Long neck, short neck. One short tail, two long tails. Hands up in the air, Feet down on the ground. With engaging pictures of real animals from around the world, past and present, this lively book introduces the concept of opposites.
Lao and English. Sponsorship: US $1600

Can you help? Donations can be made be credit card, by bank transfer; in the USA and Australia you can send a check. Full details are on the donate page.

Sponsors will get a thank-you both in the book, and on our website. If you prefer not to have your name appear, or would like to be listed in a particular way (as a business, for example, or with a partner's name), please let us know.

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