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Using books in class

A Lao teacher practices reading aloudLao teachers grew up without books that were fun to read. But they're eager to find new ways to help their students learn. We're helping them find ways to use these books in school classes.

First, we published Using Books in School. Sonesoulilat, who set up our first book parties, describes techniques teachers can use, now that they have books that students are eager to read.

We've also held workshops at the Teacher Training College, for teachers who attend upgrade courses. We teach them techniques for reading aloud; then go to a village and get hands-on practice. This photo shows a teacher practicing with other teachers, before going to the village.

In 2014, we've shifted to a focus on the teachers in schools where we set up daily reading programs. When they were in primary school, education meant a teacher and a blackboard. It still does in most schools. We explain to teachers that they're not failing to do their job, if they give children time to read each day. As they see the results, teachers are won over, but in the beginning, it takes extra time and encouragement.