wNa-Lfn: tYs-Ek-Ebk, jjShx-Lfn: lYba-rthk eia-SP

v¾lv lk-He-BUb-Ga-Vbk-div-jjxb-jjtK-lhkn, jjSb-tK-xuJ-v¾lv jjtK-Wlv-Woc-FK-lld-rk-rxkd-Hxh-xk-dPa-jEiga: rxkd-dhcn, rxkd-rYbs jjtK rxkd-qhkc.


Bob lived in the forest with his mother and his big brother. Every day, Bob and his family went out to collect food: Bananas, papayas, and coconuts.

Bob was happy, but sometimes, Bob got bored.

xuJ-raygs-wK-aK-Dpg-v¾lv-Vpa-wyJa-SoJa-Hxh-jjWx-Zigs-jjxb-aO xp-nPs-ekc-els-Woa-nbks-Qbka-xk jjthc-aigs-tox-dia-BUb-dhls-SoJa-Hxh-aiJa.

ekc-Geb-jeuJl-ep-wNc-jcoJk-cbk: “jFoJk-RUh-vm-jjxb-aO-ekn-apJ-Hrt-HV-jCPs-vks-dld-qYha-jfp, qmg-whln FK-qk-whln-HV-vks-dld-lk-DPf-rahk.”

ekc-Geb-jeuJl-ep-jjfs-jcoJk-cbk: “vks-dld! jFoJk-vmg-Bhka-vm? vks-dld-Grnb jjtK-lia-SK-tkn, whln-vmg-xid-vks-dld.”

ekc-Geb-jeuJl-ep-wNc-jcoJk-cbk: “whln-jWpn-HV-BUb-vks-dld-xk-jjthc, xia-Grnb jjtK Suga-jSiJa-fp, jFoJk-Bkd-Hfh-rnis-dmg-Hfh-Ga-vks-dld, xia-Wid-jjDhA! whln-xid-vks-dld.”

One day, as Bob climbed a tree above the river, two girls walked up and sat down below.

“Did you know this river goes all the way to Bangkok?” said the girl in the green shirt. “My father is taking me to Bangkok next week.”

“Bangkok! Aren’t you afraid? Bangkok is big and dangerous. I would hate Bangkok!” said the girl in the red shirt.

“I’ve been in Bangkok before,” said the girl in the green shirt. “It’s big and exciting. You can get whatever you want in Bangkok. It’s like magic. I love Bangkok!”

rtis-Fkd-qcd-jjxb-nPs-HV-jjthc, v¾lv-dmg-jtpgx-WPf, “vks-dld-jVia-Sk-Bhka jjtK-lia-SK-tkn-jjDh-vm? rtu cbk-xia-Grnb jjtK rahk-Suga-jSiJa?” v¾lv-Bkd-RUh Bkd-jria, v¾lv-jlok-Hxh-HQb-nkc-ePv-lia xk-xif-SPf-dia-jVia-jjq, jlok-rxkd-dhcn-Geb, Lff-jwoJk-jjq jjthc-tbls-HV-Skx-jjxb-aO.

tps, Ehks jjtK jeul-Sbks-dmg-jvPgs-v¾lv-wpg-jjq-tbls-Qbka-HV, jjSb-vks-dld-BUb-Ge? lpd-vmg-foa-Sk-jcia-dmg-rkn-HV, v¾lv-dPa-rxkd-dhcn-jjthc-dmg-ala.

After the girls left, Bob started thinking. Was Bangkok scary and dangerous? Or was it big and exciting? Bob wanted to find out. He took ten bamboo poles, tied them together with vines, put some bananas on the raft, and jumped onto it. Soon he was floating down the river.

Monkeys and elephants and tigers watched him float past. But where was Bangkok? Soon the sun disappeared. Bob ate his bananas, then fell asleep.

jxugl-v¾lv-Suga-wyJa-xk dmg-jria-Vbk-Hxh-Sbks-Sk-HV jVia-SoJa-Hxh-VK-rtkf Dis-Grnb, eUs jjtK jVia-Eos-tbNx. jjq-tbls-HV-SI-Geb-jjWx-Zigs-aO-jjthc-BYf, rtis-Fkd-aiJa v¾lv-dmg-Lff-lld.

When Bob woke up, the forest looked different. The trees were strange and very big. They were square. The raft bumped against the shore and stopped, so Bob jumped out.

Dhls-wls-v¾lv-Rhls-FildA jqkK-rpc-jwoJk eK-aiJa v¾lv-Fygs Vpa-wyJa-SoJa-Hxh jqugl-Eld-rk-rxkd-dhcn, v¾lv-Vpa eUs-wyJa eUs-wyJa.

eYf-Dhkn-dmg-wyJa-HV-Rlf-Flx jjSb-vmg-jria-rxkd-dhcn, rxkd-rYbs, rxkd-qhkc-Fid-rabcn. v¾lv-Duv-Spa-Bbks-Lx-Lr, Dis-rxof-Dpg-jRif-xk vmg-xp-Qoa-rnis! v¾lv-jtpn-Eis-vks-dld.

Bob’s stomach growled. It was time to eat, so Bob started climbing a tree to get some bananas. Up, up, he went. “Trees shouldn’t be so tall!” he thought.

Finally he got to the top. But there were no bananas, or papayas, or coconuts. Bob stomped his feet angrily. All that work, for nothing! Bob hated Bangkok.

v¾lv-jvPgs-tos-tYbx jria-Gv-Hxh-Grnb-ep-wNc-BUb-tYbx-qYha, v¾lv-WPf-cbk Chk-xp-Gv-Hxh-BUb-tYbx rxkd-Hxh-dmg-lkf-FK-xp-BUb-tYbx-Wu-dia. v¾lv-Fygs-Vpa-tos.

Bob looked down. Far below, he saw big green leaves. If the leaves were at the bottom, then the fruit must be at the bottom too! Bob climbed back down.

v¾lv-WPf-Cud! v¾lv-Sk-Spg-jvPgs rxkd-dhcn, rxkd-rYbs jjtK rxkd-qhkc Dpg-BUb-dhls-Gv-Hxh-Grnb-ep-wNc-aiJa. jjxb-nPs-Geb-jeuJl-ep-wNc-jcoJk-Cud, v¾lv-WPf-Wua. vks-dld-Grnb jjtK-rahk-VK-Div-GF-jjDhA, jFoJk-Bkd-Hfh-rnis-dmg-Hfh-Skx-Dpg-Shls-dka. v¾lv-dPa-rxkd-Hxh-Foa-rxof-jjthc-jcoJk-cbk: “whln-xid-vks-dld.”

Sla-apJ v¾lv-Bkd-jria-rtkn-vbla-Ga-vks-dld. v¾lv-Fygs-nbks-lld-HV-Skx-Dks-dchks.

He was right! Bob’s eyes grew big as he gazed at bananas and papayas and coconuts, all under one big leaf. The girl in the green shirt was right. Bangkok was big and exciting. You could get whatever you wanted here! Bob ate until all the fruit was gone. Bob loved Bangkok.

Now he wanted to see more of Bangkok, so Bob started walking along the wide trail.

jSfA! xp-Ehks-Grnb-ep-rxoga-LS-raygs-dI-tis-jjtba-jwoJk-xk-rk, v¾lv-Lff-lld-Fkd-Dks-Bbks-zhkc-zigs-dbla-FK-Cud-BNv.

HONK!! HONK!! A big gray elephant was coming right at him! Bob jumped out of the way before he got squashed.

vif-apJ-xp-jeul-wNc-LS-raygs-jjtba-xk-lpd-Dks-raygs, v¾lv-tpJ-BUb Dks-rtis-SoJa-Hxh. jjxb-nPs-Geb-jeuJl-ep-jjfs-jcoJk-Cud, v¾lv-WPf-Wua. vks-dld-apJ-jVia-Sk-Bhka jjtK-lia-SK-tkn-rtkn!

Now a green tiger was coming from the other direction! Bob hid behind a tree. The girl in the red shirt was right. Bangkok was scary and dangerous!

jEoJk-xuJ-Smg-xk v¾lv-div-Wua-HV-rk-SoJa-Hxh-Dpg-xp-Gv-ep-wNc-Grnb-aiJa-lpd, VK-dof-cbk-xp-rxkd-dhcn, rxkd-rYbs jjtK rxkd-qhkc-lpd. jjxb-nPs-Geb-jeuJl-ep-wNc-jcoJk-Cud, v¾lv-WPf-Wua. vks-dld-Wid-jjDhA.

v¾lv-dPa-rxkd-Hxh-rahln-raygs jjthc-dmg-HV-nbks-rt{a. v¾lv-Vpa-wyJa-Syd-luga jqugl-Wckx-eK-raYd. Sla-apJ v¾lv-BUb-rbks-Hd-Fkd-Dks-dchks Dpg-xp-Ehks-ep-rxoga jjtK jeul-ep-wNc-BUb.

The next morning, Bob went back to the tree with the big green leaf at the bottom. More bananas had grown back. There were more papayas and coconuts, too. The girl in the green shirt was right. Bangkok was like magic!

Bob ate some of the fruit, then he went for a walk. He climbed another building, but this time, it was just for fun. And he stayed away from the wide trail with the elephants and green tigers.

jxugl-Dhls-Rhls-lpd v¾lv-dmg-div-HV-rk-SoJa-Hxh-Gv-ep-wNc-Grnb-aiJa-lpd, jjSb-vmg-xp-rxkd-Hxh jVia-rabcn-GrnbA-lpd-jtpn, xp-qNs-jjSb-jef-rxkd-Hxh-els-ekx-Sbla jjtK xp-jjxb-Whk-Woa-raygs-dI-tis-Rhls-Hrh-BUb.

xp-rnis-vm? Grh-whln-Ebcn-Hfh-vm?

jjxb-Whk-Woa-aiJa-Hrh-eK-luJa-jjthc-jcoJk-cbk: “xp-wK-Lxn-Woa-raygs-xk-Dpg-apJ-els-jDugl-jjthc! wm-jqPgs-jFoJk-jZoJk-Rhka-Hch-Chk-whln-Hfh-vm? whln-FK-HV-jlok-rxkd-Hxh-xk-Sugx.”

When his stomach growled again, Bob went back to the tree. But no fruit had grown back. There were still just a few pieces of fruit – and a woman, who was crying.

“What’s wrong?” asked Bob. “Can I help?”

“A thief has been here,” sobbed the woman. “Twice! Will you watch my stand while I get more fruit?”

v¾lv-jSix-GF-Ebcn jjtK-jjxb-Whk-Woa-aiJa-dmg-Rpv-zhkc-lld-HV, v¾lv-tm-Chk-foa, tm-Chk-jjthc, tm-Chk-lpd-Foa-Dhls-Rhls-FildA, v¾lv-Fygs-jtpgx-dPa-rxkd-dhcn-rabcn-raygs.

Ga-jc-tk-aiJa-jls jjxb-Whk-Woa-aiJa-dmg-lUhx-Cos-rxkd-Hxh-Grnb-els-Cos-jwoJk-xk. aks-cks-Cos-rxkd-Hxh-tos-fhcn-Wckx-VK-rtkf-GF jjthc-Rhls-wyJa-cbk: “xys, xys! vid-wpJ-wK-Lxn!”.

aks-Rhls-Bbks-Lx-Lr jjSb-v¾lv-vmg-jwoJk-GF-cbk-jVia-nhla-rnis. “whln-vmg-jjxba-wK-Lxn whln-jVia-tps,” v¾lv jcoJk-jjvv-rahk-Sk-jepnA.

Bob was happy to help, and the woman hurried off. Bob waited… and waited. His stomach growled again, so he started eating a banana.

Just then, the woman walked up, holding two big bags of fruit. She dropped the bags in surprise. “You!” she cried out. “You! You’re the thief!”

She sounded angry, but Bob couldn’t understand why. “I’m not a thief! I’m a monkey,” he explained calmly.

Gv-rahk-wls-jjxb-Whk-VbNa-HV-Dia-Dp aks-jcoJk-cbk: “jFoJk-vmg-jwoJk-GF-jjxba-vm? BUb-apJ-vmg-jjxba-Vbk-jfp. jxugl-xp-Woa-jlok-rxkd-Hxh-xk-Grh-whln, jjthc-whln-Shls-jlok-jsPa-Grh-tkc, jRif-jjvv-apJ,” aks-Hfh-jlok-Gv-epg-tbNx-ahlnA-els-Gv-Grh-v¾lv-jvPgs.

v¾lv-jcoJk-cbk: “jFoJk-Hfh-rxkd-Hxh-nhla-Gv-epg-tbNx-ahlnA-els-Gv-aiJa-rc½k?” v¾lv-Fhls-Sk-jvPgs-Bbks-Suga-jSiJa.

“whln-Shls-wkn-rxkd-Hxh-jrtogk-apJ-Grh-rxof-xuJ-apJ jjtK-qcd-jRok-dmg-xp-jc-tk-qNs-jjSb-els-ekx-Eogc-Lxs-jDogk-aiJa,” aks-qK-nk-nkx-lK-DP-vkn-Grh-v¾lv-zis.

v¾lv-jcoJk-cbk: “vmg-Shls-jVia-rbcs, Chk-wkn-vmg-rxof whln-FK-dPa-Grh, FK-vmg-Grh-jaogk-jen-C{x-f½ld!” jcoJk-jjthc-v¾lv-dmg-jtpgx-dPa-rxkd-dhcn.

xI, xI! apJ-jjxba-dhcn-Dpg-jjEv-Dpg-eYf Dpg-whln-jWpn-dPa-xk.

The woman’s expression changed. “You don’t understand, do you? This isn’t the forest. A man comes by and gives me fruit, then I have to give him money, like this.” She showed Bob two small, square leaves.

“You got all that fruit for two square little leaves!” Bob stared in amazement.

“I’ve got to sell all this fruit today. And we’ve only got a few hours left,” she tried to explain.

“Don’t worry!” Bob said. “If you can’t sell it all, I’ll eat it for you. It won’t go rotten!” He began eating a banana. “Mmm! This is the best banana I ever had!”

qm-fp-Ekn-Woa-raygs-nbks-jwoJk-xk. Ekn-Woa-aiJa-jcoJk-eNs-fis-cbk: “Chk-tps-jcoJk-cbk-rxkd-dhcn-jjEv dmg-jjV-cbk-jFoJk-Shls-xp-rxkd-dhcn-fp-jjDhA! whln-FK-EuJ-raygs-rcp.”

tkc-jlok-Gv-Hxh-Grh-Gv-raygs jjthc v¾lv-dmg-Ebcn-jlok-rxkd-dhcn-raygs-rcp-Geb-Cos-Grh-tkc.

tkc-jcoJk-cbk: “eK-rtkf! whln-vmg-jWpn-EuJ-rxkd-Hxh-aI-tps-Fid-jDugl,” tkc-nbks-lld-HV-qhlx-Dis-roc.

A man was walking by. “If a monkey says it’s that good, you must have good bananas!” he exclaimed. “I’ll buy a bunch.”

He gave the woman a leaf, and Bob helped by giving him a bag of bananas.

“Very clever,” said the man. “I’ve never bought bananas from a monkey before!” He walked away laughing.

xp-jjxb-nPs-Woa-raygs-xk-EuJ-rxkd-dhcn-lpd, Smg-xk-dmg-xp-Woa-xk-EuJ-rxkd-dhcn, rxkd-qhkc jjtK-rxkd-rYbs-aI-lpd, jjxb-Whk-wkn-rxkd-Hxh-jcoJk-cbk: “whln-vmg-jWpn-wkn-rxkd-Hxh-Hfh-fp-jjac-apJ-Fid-jDugl,” jjthc-aks-dmg-dlf-lUhx-jlok-v¾lv.

A woman walked over to buy bananas from the monkey. Soon more and more people came to buy bananas and coconuts and papayas. “I’ve never sold fruit so fast!” the woman said, and she gave Bob a hug.

xuJ-Smg-xk-qcd-jwok-dmg-xk-wkn-Wu-jdogk. vif-apJ-xp-Ehks-LS-raygs-nbks-jwoJk-xk, Ekn-els-Woa-lld-Fkd-roc-wls-Ehks-xk! v¾lv-WPf-cbk-vks-dld-xp-jjac-jjVd-VK-rtkf-rtkn-wyJa-DYd-xuJ.

qcd-jwok-jlok-rxkd-Hxh-Grh-aks jjthc-aks-dmg-jlok-Gv-Hxh-Grh-qcd-jwok.

Wlv-Woc-wls-jFoJk-Wos-FK-WPf-Rlf-jFoJk-rtkn, tof-Wia-apJ-dI-tis-FK-div-HV-Vbk-vhka-jFoJk. jVia-rnis-jFoJk-Fygs-vmg-HV-Bkx-Wlv-Woc-wls-jFoJk? jFoJk-ek-xkf-div-xk-rk-whln-lpd-nkx-Gf-dmg-Hfh-Skx-GF.

The next day, they kept on selling. Then an elephant came up. Two men got out of the head. Bangkok got stranger every day!

They gave fruit to the woman, and she gave them some leaves. Then she said to Bob, “Your family probably misses you. This is a truck, and it’s going back to your forest. Why don’t you go visit your family? You can come back and see me any time you want.”

v¾lv-Lff-wyJa-wpg-Ehks-HV-foa-jSpv Fygs-HV-Rlf-vhka-Ga-Vbk v¾lv-jtogk-jtugls-dka-VK-Foa-Hq-Ga-vks-dld eUb-Wlv-Woc-zis.

v¾lv-jtogk-jtugls-SoJa-Hxh-eUs-jDogk-qU-jwok, Wckx-lia-SK-tkn-wls-jeul jjtK-Ehks Dpg-jjtba-HV-xk-Skx-Dks-dchks, Dis-lK-DP-vkn-cbk: Chk-qcd-jRok-jlok-Gv-Hxh-epg-tbNx-Grh-GQ-QUh-raygs, qcd-jwok-FK-jlok-rxkd-Hxh-Grh-raygs-Cos.

Bob hopped into the elephant, and after a long ride, he reached his home in the forest. He told his family all about his adventures in Bangkok.

He told them about trees as tall as a mountain.

He told them about dangerous tigers and elephants that ran down wide trails. He explained that if you gave somebody a little square leaf, they would give you a big bag of fruit.

lhkn-wls-v¾lv-jcoJk-Lxh-cbk: “whln-Bkd-HV-jria-SoJa-Hxh-Grnb-jrtogk-aiJa Ga-xuJ-Gf-xuJ-raygs jjtK-whln-FK-vmg-Bhka-qcd-jeul jjtK-Ehks, jjSb-whln-vmg-jEugl-dbNc-div-Gv-Hxh-epg-tbNx Dpg-jlok-jjtd-div-rxkd-Hxh, vmg-xp-GQ-f½ld FK-Lsb-Fhk-jjvv-aiJa.”

v¾lv-dmg-sos-Wu-dia, xia-jVia-jtugls-nkd-Dpg-FK-jEugl.

“I’d like to see those big trees someday. And I wouldn’t be afraid of the tigers and elephants,” boasted Bob’s brother. “But I don’t believe it about the square leaves. Nobody would be that stupid.”

Bob agreed. That was very hard to believe.