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A Scandal in Bohemia: A Sherlock Holmes Story



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To Sherlock Holmes she is always THE woman. I have rarely heard him speak of her under any other name. It was not that he felt anything like love for Irene Adler. All human feelings, and most of all love, had no place in his mind. He was, I believe, the most perfect thinking machine that the world has seen, but I don’t think he ever fell in love with anyone.

tkc-vmg-Wbln-FK-Vkd-jcoJk-fhcn-Wckx-RUh-eyd-Dpg-lbla-Hrc, tkc-Hfh-eK-jjfs-lld-Bbks-Eif-jFa-jjthc-cbk tkc-vmg-Wbln-xp-VK-Lrnf-Smg-div-Wckx-RUh-eyd-jrtogk-aiJa, jrtogk-aiJa-Wu-ePgs-eI-Wia-Dpg-tkc-Shls-eis-jdf jjtK Wu-ePgs-Dpg-tkc-Shls-DI-Wckx-jwoJk-GF cbk-jVia-rnis-Woa-jRok-FPgs-jRif-Ga-ePgs-Dpg-qcd-jwok-jRif-BUb jjSb-eI-tiv-lk-Epv-aid-euv-jjthc dka-Dpg-Vbln-Grh-Wckx-RUh-eyd-jjvv-aiJa jwoJk-xk-jCPs-FPf-GF-lia-tK-lNf-tK-lm-Hfh xia-Wos-jVia-dka-nkd-eI-tiv-tkc-Dpg-FK-WoJa-WPf-Grh-tK-lNf-Hfh; xia-lkf-FK-jVia-jrxula-figs-jlok-Ekn-xk-Geb-Lxs, jjSb-dmg-nis-xp-jjxb-nPs-Woa-raygs jjtK aiJa-dmg-Wu Hl-Tpa jjlf-jtp.

On the rare times that he spoke of the softer feelings, he showed clearly that he had no use for them. They were important things for him to watch, very good for understanding why men acted as they did. But for the detective to let such feelings into his own delicate mind would have made it more difficult for him to think perfectly clearly. It would have been like putting sand into a clock. And yet there was but one woman for him, and that woman was Irene Adler.

Ht-nK-rtis-apJ-whln-qov-jria LRxe-rahln-tos. rtis-Fkd-Dpg-whln-jjSbs-ska Ep-cPf-wls-qcd-jRok-dmg-VbNa-HV-Woa-tK-DPf-Dks, Wckx-eYd-lia-eox-vUa-jjvv jjtK Wckx-eoa-GF-Smg-dka-jVia-roc-rahk-Wlv-Woc Hfh-lhlx-Rlv-QUh-Ekn-Dpg-xp-qia-tK-nk-Grxb jEPgs-qNs-qm-Dpg-FK-fys-fUf-Wckx-eoa-GF-wls-whln, wK-aK-Dpg jEp-til-d LRxe QUh-Dpg-vmg-eoa-GF-Smg-dka-Llh-tox-Ga-jjcf-cos-ska-thNs-ehks-eia Hfh-lk-He-BUb-Ga-vhka-wls-jRok-Dpg-CK-raoa jv-jdp. tkc-GEh-jc-tk-Dpg-xp-BUb jqugl-lbka-VyJx-jdogkA jvPgs-Wu-div-cbk tkc-rtiv-ala-raygs-lk-DPf jjtK lk-DPf-Smg-xk-tkc-dmg-FK-jSix-VbNx-HV-fhcn-qk-tK-dI-tis-Bbks-dK-Dia-ria jqugl-jjdh-Hw-WK-fp-Grxb. tkc-nis-jVia-jrxula-jEiga-jWpn Wu-DYbx-jD-Wckx-eoa-GF-Grh-div-dka-cP-jWkK-eyd-ek-jtugls-lkf-EK-nk-dI, WiJs-jjthc-WiJs-jtogk-Dpg-tkc-GEh-Wckx-eK-rtkf-rtid-jjrtx-lia-rahk-lif-eK-Fia-wls-tkc jqug-l-euv-eca-rk-rtid-Cka-Dpg-Woa-luga-vmg-lkf-jria-Hfh, jjtK jqugl-jVia-dka-jjdh-Hw-Wckx-tyd-tiv Dpg-SI-rtcf-WPf-cbk-xia-jVia-HV-vmg-Hfh-Dpg-FK-jjdh-Hw-Hfh. vks-jDug-l-whln-dmg-Hfh-nPa-wbkc-Wkc-jtugls-rahk-Dpg-cNd-ska-wls-tkc-jEiga-cbk: dka-jfpa-Dks-HV-VK-jDf lP-Sk-tp jqugl-jjdh-WK-fp-lkf-EK-nk-dI rtu WK-fp-rahk-eK-rtof-GF-wls-els-lhkn-ahls-Ga-VK-jDf lp-BPv jjtK nis-xp-jtugls-VPf-eK-rak-lpd-jtugls-raygs Dpg-tkc-jjdh-Hw-Hfh-fhcn-Qoa-eI-jtif-lia-sof-skx, aiJa-dmg-Wu: jtugls-wls-dK-eif-Ga-jxuls-ahlnA-jjrbs-raygs. Bbks-Gf-dmg-Skx nod-jciJa-jjSb-VK-jfia-apJ-Ga-cNd-ska-wls-tkc Dpg-whln-Hfh-wNa-tos-Ga-rais-eu-qPx Grh-div-Dbka-QUh-lbka-Dis-rtkn jqkK-whln-RUh-qNs-vks-Sla-jtid-ahln-dbNc-div-jqugla-wls-whln-jDogk-aiJa.

I had seen little of Holmes recently. After my marriage, our lives had gone in different directions. My own complete happiness, and the home-centered interests that rise up around the man with a new wife, were enough to take all my attention, while Holmes, who did not like the small talk of dinner parties, remained in our home on Baker Street. He spent his time reading his old books. One week he seemed only to sleep. The next week, he would suddenly become full of life as he tried to solve a new case. He was still, as ever, deeply interested in the study of crime. Again and again, he used his great intelligence to investigate evidence that others would never have seen, and to solve mysteries that the police had decided were impossible to solve. From time to time I heard stories of his work: of his trip to Italy to solve a crime, or the sad case of two brothers in Egypt, and finally of the mystery that he had solved so delicately and successfully for the king of a small country. Except for these signs of his work, however, which I wrote about for all the readers of the newspaper, I knew little of my old friend.

Wua-raygs-Ga-cia-Dp 20 jfula 3 Vp 1888, whln-qcx-div-xk-jjSb-dka-BhNx-Bkx-Woa-jFiv (whln-div-xk-GEh-Ep-cPf-jVia-Dbka-rxm-Wu-jjSb-dbla) xk-Skx-CK-raoa jv-jdp. wK-aK-Dpg-whln-Qbka-rahk-VK-SU-jRula vbla-Dpg-qcd-jRok-jWpn-jRif-cNd-Rbcx-dia jjtK jVia-vbla-Dpg LRxe-lk-He-BUb-Woa-fNc-Ga-wK-aK-apJ whln-dmg-RUh-eyd-Bkd-FK-qov LRxe-jVia-qP-jef-lpd-WiJs jjtK Bkd-FK-RUh-cbk tkc-GEh-qK-tis-lia-jjVdA-wls-tkc-jjvv-Gf. rhls-wls-tkc-jjFhs-eK-rcbks-fhcn-jjes-Hz jjtK wK-aK-Dpg-whln-rtNc-HV dmg-jria-Rbks-lia-Fbln-eUs-Qbka-HV+-xk-els-WiJs Dpg-xp-jjes-Hz-Ebls-eK-rcbks-BUb-Dks-fhka-rtis. tkc-dI-tis-nbks-doJx-rahk, els-xu-wif-rtis-jfpa-jjcv-div-HV+-xk-BUb-Ga-rhls-Bbks-Rhla-Roa. eI-tiv-whln-jjthc QUh-jEPgs-RUh-DYdA-lk-tox-wls-tkc-fp jria-Hfh-Eif-jFa-jtpn-cbk dP-tP-nk-Dbk-Dks-wls-tkc Hfh-vogs-vld-jCPs-jtugls-tkc-jrtogk-aiJa. tkc-div-xk-jRif-cNd-lpd-WiJs, tkc-Hfh-DK-nka-lld-Fkd-Wckx-Zia jjtK dI-tis-Htb-tbk-BUb-div-via-rk-Grxb. whln-vpv-dK-fPs jjthc-dmg-Cud-jEpa-jwoJk-HV-Ga-rhls jEPgs-WiJs-raygs-whln-jWpn-xp-ebca-Rbcx-BUb-aI.

One night – it was on the 20th of March, 1888 – I was returning from a visit to a patient (for I had now returned to my old job as a doctor) when my way led me along Baker Street. As I passed the door to the home we had shared, and where Holmes now lived alone, I felt a sharp desire to see Holmes again, and to know how he was using his unusual powers. His rooms were brightly lit, and, even as I looked up, I saw his tall, thin figure pass twice, lit from behind. He was walking up and down the room quickly, eagerly, with his head down on his chest and his hands behind him. To me, who knew his every mood, his manner told its own story. He was at work again. He had risen out of his dreams and was chasing a new problem. I rang the bell and was shown up to the room, which had once been in part my own.

tkc-vmg-Wbln-FK-nPJx jjtK dmg-vmg-Wbln-FK-eK-jjfs-Wckx-fp-GF-Bbks-jtPd-jEPgs jjSb-whln-WPf-cbk-tkc-fp-GF-Dpg-Hfh-jria-whln. tkc-EpJ-xu-Geb-Sigs-jEpa-whln-aigs Lfn-Vk-eK-Fkd-WI-jcoJk-GfA, Fkd-aiJa-tkc-dmg-HV-Bua-BUb-whks-jSok-Hz jjtK eis-jdf-jvPgs-whln-Skx-jjvv-wls jEp-til-d LRxe.

He did not smile. He did not often show great pleasure; but he was glad, I think, to see me. Without a word spoken, but with a kindly eye, he waved me to a chair. Then he stood by the fire and looked me over in the way that only Sherlock Holmes could do.

“dka-jjSbs-ska-jVia-ePgs-Dpg-fp-eI-tiv-LS-jjDhA,” tkc-jlpgn-wyJa, “cif-eia, jRok-WPf-cbk-LS-xp-aO-raid-jqpgx-wyJa-jCPs-jFif-Vla-jWPgs SiJs-jjSb-jRok-qov-dia-WiJs-eYf-Dhkn,”

“qNs-jjSb-jFif-Vla-riJa-rc½K!” whln-Slv.

“jjxba-jjthc, Wckx-FPs-jRok-WPf-cbk-rahk-FK-rtkn-dcbk-aiJa, jRok-jEugl-cbk-xia-rahk-FK-rtkn-dcbk-aiJa-rahln-raygs- cif-eia. jRok-dmg-jZPd-eis-jdf-HV-Skx-DI-als-aiJa-jjrtK, LS-vmg-Hfh-vld-jRok-jtpn cbk-LS-div-HV-jRif-lk-Epv-jVia-Dbka-rxm-lpd-WiJs.”

“Marriage is good for you,” he remarked. “I think, Watson, that you have put on seven and a half pounds since I saw you.”

“Only seven!” I answered.

“Indeed, I should have thought a little more. Just a little more, I believe, Watson. And in practice again, I observe. You did not tell me that you planned to start working as a doctor again.”


“qm-jRok-Hfh-jria-vks-Bbks jRok-dmg-eK-rtYv-Hfh-Ltf. rcbks-vmg-foa-xk-apJ jRok-jria-Soa-Soc-wls-LS-jSix-HV-fhcn-aO-jrugl jjtK LS-nis-xp-ekc-GEh-Woa-raygs jEPgs-vmg-Wbln-tK-xif-tK-cis-Smg-ePgs-wls wls-LS-qm-Vka-Gf-jjxba-vmg?”

“LRxe jqugla-Rid,” whln-jcoJk, “xia-Lqf-jdpa-HV-jjthc-jfp, LS-FK-Shls-Cud-jQok-Hz-jjab-ala Chk-LS-jdpf-BUb-Ga-els+-ekx-eK-SK-cif-Qbka-xk. -jVia-Wckx-FPs Dpg-jRok-Hfh-nbks-jwoJk-HV-Ga-Soc-jxuls-els+-ekx-xuJ-Qbka-xk-apJ jjtK div-vhka-fhcn-Soa-Soc-jVP-jVuJla jjSb-jRok-dmg-Hfh-VbNa-EYf-Grxb, eK-aiJa-jRok-ayd-vmg-lld-jtpn-cbk-LS-RUh-Hfh-jjac-Gf. ekc-GEh-wls-jRok-aks-dmg-GEh-dka-vmg-Hfh-jjDhA jjtK qia-tK-nk-wls-jRok-dmg-Bkd-FK-rk-Woa-Grxb-xk-jjDa-aks jjSb-jjac-Gf-jRok-dmg-nis-ayd-vmg-lld-BUb-fp-cbk-LS-RUh-Hfh-Figs-Gf.”

“Then, how do you know?”

“I see things, I make conclusions. How do I know that you have been getting yourself very wet recently, and that you have a servant girl who is not careful with your things?”

“My dear Holmes,” said I, “this is too much. You would certainly have been burned, had you lived a few centuries ago. It is true that I had a country walk a few days ago and came home quite dirty. But I have changed my clothes, so I can’t imagine how you knew it. As to my servant girl, she is terrible, and my wife is about to replace her, but there, again, I fail to see how you work it out.”

tkc-roc-div-Soa-jls jjtK tUvA-xu-Dpg-Fbln-Qlx-wls-tkc.

“vmg-nkd-fld,” tkc-jcoJk, “Sk-wls-jRok-vld-div-jRok-cbk fhka-Ga-jdpv-dPgs-jvuJls-Ehkn-wls-LS vbla-Dpg-jjes-Hz-Shls-Geb Dks-fhka-ald-xp-Rln-EugA-BUb-rod-Rln. xia-jria-Hfh-Eif-jFa-BUb-jjthc-cbk Rln-figs-dbkc-jdpf-wyJa-Fkd-QUh-Gf-QUh-raygs-Dpg-vmg-tK-xif-tK-cis, qcd-jwok-GEh-xpf-jjdK-fPa-jjwsA-SPf-BUb-Skx-wlv-wls-jdpv. jRok-ek-xkf-SiJs-wmJ-eK-rtYv-Hfh-els-VK-jfia-Wu: LS-Hfh-lld-HV-ald-Sla-lk-dkf-vmg-fp jjtK LS-xp-ekc-GEh-Dpg-GEh-dka-vmg-Hfh-jtpn. Ga-fhka-lk-Epv-dka-ska Chk-xp-eY-qkv-vU-tYf-Woa-raygs-nbks-jwoJk-xk-Ga-rhls-wls-jRok qhlx-div-dPga-jW-xp-Hl-Ll-Lf-zlx jRok-FK-RUh-eyd-cbk-Soa-jls-Lsb-rtkn Chk-vmg-RUh-cbk-WoaA-aiJa-jVia-Dbka-rxm.”

He laughed to himself and rubbed his long hands together.

“It is simple,” he said. “My eyes tell me that on the inside of your left shoe, just where the light of the fire hits it, the outside of the shoe is cut by six straight lines. Obviously the cuts were made by someone who was not careful as they ran a knife along the edges of the shoe in order to remove hardened dirt from it. So, you see, I could draw two conclusions: That you had been out in poor weather, and that you had a very bad servant girl. As to your job, if a gentleman walks into my rooms smelling of the chemical iodoform, I must be stupid, indeed, if I do not know that he is a doctor.”

whln-lof-roc-vmg-Hfh-Dpg-Hfh-nPa-WI-lK-DP-vkn-sbknA jjtK Hfh-wmJ-eK-rtYv-xk. “qm-jjSb-jRok-Hfh-nPa-LS-Grh-jrf-Qoa-xk,” whln-SiJs-wmJ-eis-jdf, “DYd-Bbks-dmg-jvPgs-Wu-cbk-sbkn-fkn-jjDhA jjtK jRok-dmg-ek-xkf-lK-DP-vkn-Hfh-fhcn-Soa-jls-Lfn-sbkn-jEiga-dia jCPs-jjxba-cbk-jRok-FK-vmg-jwoJk-GF dka-Grh-jrf-Qoa-wls-LS-Ga-jjSb-tK-wiJa-Sla Foa-dcbk-LS-FK-Hfh-lK-DP-vkn-ePgs-Dpg-LS-WPf-lld-xk jjSb-jRok-dmg-nis-jEugl-cbk Sk-wls-jRok-nis-fp-jDogkA-div-Sk-wls-LS.”

I could not help laughing at how easily he explained how he reached his conclusions. “When I hear you give your reasons,” I remarked, “the thing always appears to me to be so absurdly simple that I could do it myself quite simply, though at each step in your chain of reasoning I fail to understand until you explain your thinking. And yet I believe that my eyes are as good as yours.”

“LS-dmg-jVia-jjvv-aiJa-BUb-jtuJlnA-riJa-jjrtK,” tkc-jcoJk qhlx-Dis-aigs-tos-Sigs. “LS-jria-jjSb-LS-vmg-Hfh-eis-jdf-jtpn, xia-jjSd-Sbks-dia-Bbks-Eif-jFa, Soc-Bbks: “LS-jria-wiJa-Hf-Ga-jRula Dpg-wyJa-xk-rk-rhls-apJ-BUb-jVia-VK-FI.”





“xp-Fid-wiJa-rc½K? GQ-EP-HV-RUh.”

“xia-jVia-jjvv-apJ-DYd-jDug-l! LS-vmg-Hfh-eis-jdf-xia-jtpn jCPs-jjxba-cbk-LS-FK-Hfh-jria, aiJa-jjrtK-Wu-FYf-Dpg-jRok-eis-jdf. Sla-apJ-jRok-RUh-cbk wiJa-Hf-xp-BUb 17 wiJa-jqkK-cbk-jRok-Hfh-jria jjtK Hfh-eis-jdf-qhlx. jlp jdulv-tux-HV, Ga-jxugl-LS-xp-Wckx-eoa-GF-via-rk-jtid-ahln-jrtogk-apJ jjtK LS-dmg-xp-Did-eK-Ga-dka-wpf-wNa-fp jqug-l-FK-wNa-Fid-raygs rtu els-jtugls dbNc-div-VK-eov-dka-lia-jtid-ahln-wls-jRok LS-lkf-FK-xp-Wckx-eoa-GF-Dks-fhka-apJ-dmg-jVia-Hfh.” tkc-jlok-jFhn-rak-ep-Eox-qU-Gv-raygs-Dpg-Cud-cks-jVpf-Hch-rahk-LSK-Lna-Grh-whln, tkc-jcoJk-cbk: “xia-rk-dmg-xk-Rlf-xuJ-apJ, tls-lbka-jvPgs-fU.”

“Quite so,” he answered, sitting himself down in a chair. “You see, but you do not observe. The difference is clear. For example, you have often seen the steps that lead up from the hall to this room.”


“How often?”

“Well, hundreds of times.”

“Then how many steps are there?”

“How many? I don’t know.”

“Quite so! You have not observed. And yet you have seen. That is just my point. Now, I know that there are 17 steps, because I have both seen and observed. By the way, since you are interested in these little problems, and since you are good enough to write about one or two of my small experiences, you may be interested in this.” He threw over a piece of thick, pink paper that had been sitting open on the table. “It just arrived today,” he said. “Read it.”

jFhn-Gv-apJ-vmg-xp-Eug rtu Dpg-BUb-GfA.

wmJ-Wckx-tK-vY-Hch-cbk: “FK-xp-Woa-xk-rk-jFoJk-Wua-apJ jc-tk 7:45 ak-Dp, xp-eY-qkv-vU-tYf-QUh-raygs-Shls-dka-WI-jjaK-aI-Ga-VK-jfia-Dpg-eI-Wia-Dpg-eYf. dka-Grh-Wckx-Ebcn-jrtu-l-wls-jFoJk Smg-div-jEuJl-jFoJk-QUh-raygs-Ga-BU-Tov-eK-jjfs-Grh-jria-cbk jFoJk-jVia-QUh-raygs-Dpg-Hch-jauJl-jEugl-GF-Hfh-Bbks-Vlf-Hq-Ga-jtugls-Dpg-eI-Wia-Bbks-nPgs. tkn-tK-lNf-dbNc-div-jFoJk qcd-jRok-Hfh-xk-Fkd-Woa-Dpg-RUh-Fid-jFoJk-jVia-Bbks-fp, Grh-jFoJk-BUb-vhka-Skx-jc-tk-aif-rxkn, jjwd-wls-jFoJk-FK-Geb-rahk-dkd-xk-rk.”

“apJ-jVia-jtugls-tyd-tiv -jjDhA,” whln-SiJs-wmJ-eis-jdf, “LS-WPf-cbk-xia-jjxba-jtugls-rnis-dia-jjDh?”

The note was without either a name or an address.

“There will call upon you tonight, at a quarter to eight o’clock,” it said, “a gentleman who desires to ask for your advice on a matter of the very deepest importance. Your recent services to one of the royal houses of Europe have shown that you are one who may safely be trusted with matters that are of great importance. This description of you we have from all people received. Be in your home then at that hour. Your visitor will wear a mask.”

“This is indeed a mystery,” I remarked. “What do you imagine that it means?”

“jRok-nis-vmg-xp-wmJ-xUa-rnis-jDug-l, xia-jVia-Wckx-WPf-Dpg-vmg-fp-jtpn Dpg-FK-HV-Wkf-jfok-dbla-Wckx-jVia-FPs jjDa-Dpg-FK-WoJa-rk-dka-Wkf-dka-Grh-jjDf-jr-xkK-div-Wckx-FPs; xia-FK-jRif-Grh-LS-jtpgx-Qia-jjV-HV-Fkd-Wckx-FPs Chk-LS-Wkf-dka-Hc-jdpa-HV. tls-xk-eis-jdf-jvPgs-jFhn-Gv-aiJa-dbla LS-xp-wmJ-eK-rtYv-rnis-jjfb-vmg?”

whln-eis-jdf-jvPgs-Soc-rais-eu-Bbks-tK-lNf-tK-lm qhlx-Dis-jFhn-Dpg-GEh-wNa.

“QUh-wNa-lkf-FK-jVia-Woa-tcn,” whln-SiJs-wmJ-eis-jdf-Lfn-dka-aI-GEh-cP-Dp-Dks-jjvv-jqugla-wls-whln, “jFhn-apJ-Shls-jVia-jFhn-Dpg-xp-tk-Wk-jjqs, xia-jVia-jFhn-Dpg-jjVd-jjDhA.”

“jjVd! aiJa-jjrtK-jVia-WI-Dpg-jr-xkK-eox,” LRxe-jcoJk, “xia-vmg-jjxba-jFhn-Dpg-QK-tPf-BUb-Ga lis-dPf-Fid-fpJ-jtpn, jlok-xia-xk-jvPgs-GdhA-Hz-qpJ-fU½.”

“I have no information yet. It is never a good idea to make a theory before you have information. If you make a theory too soon, then you begin to change facts to fit your theory, instead of looking for a theory which fits the facts. But look at the note itself. What do you conclude from it?”

I carefully looked at the writing, and the paper upon which it was written.

“The man who wrote it was probably rich,” I remarked, doing my best to copy my friend’s way of thinking. “This paper must be expensive. It is a strange paper, indeed.”

“Strange – that is the very word,” said Holmes. “It is not an English paper at all. Hold it up to the light.”

whln-jRif-Skx-Dpg-tkc-vld jjtK VK-dof-jria-xp-Soc-lid-ela “Å” Grnb-div-Soc-lid-ela “ç”ahln; “Д Grnb jjtK-Soc “Ç” Grnb-div-Soc- “ô” ahln.

“LS-xp-Wckx-WPf-jria-rnis-dbNc-div-Soc-lid-ela-jrtogk-apJ?” LRxe-Ckx.

“xia-jVia-Eug-wls-QUh-wNa-Bbks-vmg-Shls-eos-He rtu vmg-dmg-jVia-Soc-wyJa-SoJa-wls-Eug.”

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“jFhn-apJ-Cud-QK-tPf-wyJa-Ga Lv-RP-jxn,” whln-jcoJk.

I did so, and saw in the paper a large “E” with a small “g,” a “P,” and a large “G” with a small “t.”

“What do you think of that?” asked Holmes.

“The name of the writer, no doubt; or rather, the first letters of his name.”

“Not at all. The ‘G’ with the small ‘t’ stands for ‘Gesellschaft,’ which is the German word for ‘business’ or ‘company.’ It is like when we use ‘Co.’ to say ‘Company.’ The ‘P,’ of course, stands for ‘Paper.’ Now for the ‘Eg.’ Let us glance at our book of businesses in Europe.” He took down a heavy brown book. “Here we are: Egria. It is in Bohemia, a German-speaking country not far from Germany. The book says it is ‘Remarkable for its many paper-making companies.’ Ha, ha, my boy, what do you make of that?” His eyes got brighter.

“So the paper was made in Bohemia,” I said.

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