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A Scandal in Bohemia: A Sherlock Holmes Story



“Grh-whln-WPf-jvPgs-dbla,” LRxe-jcoJk, “Ryx! jdpf-BUb-lk-jx-tP-dk Ga-Vp 1858, jVia-aid-Rhls, Ga-cm-Em jjxba-jjthc! aks-jVia-aid-Rhls-Dpg-lk-He-BUb-Ga-tla-fla jjxba-jjthc! qK-los-jlpn, Wu-figs-Dpg-whk-ahln-jwoJk-GF xia-xp-dka-qoc-qia-wls-Ekn-raYbx-Woa-apJ fhcn-dka-wNa-Fof-rxkn-rk-aks Skx-Dpg-qK-los-jcoJk-rtkn-dcbk-Dpg-qK-los-Wca-jRif jjtK Sla-apJ-qK-los-Shls-dka-Fof-rxkn-jrtogk-aiJa-Wua-xk.”

“Cud-Shls, jjthc-whln-FK-jlok-div-xk-fhcn-cP-Dp-Gf?”





“Let me see!” said Holmes. “Hmm! Born in America in the year 1858. A singer, in Warsaw – yes! Stopped working as a singer – ha! Living in London – quite so! Your Majesty, as I understand, became involved with this young person, wrote her some letters in which you said more than you should have, and you now wish to get those letters back.”

“Exactly so. But how–”

“Was there a secret marriage?”


“No papers?”


“Wia-EiJa-whk-ahln-dmg-vmg-RUh-cbk-FK-jRif-jjac-Gf-fp. qK-los-Wos-FK-jVia-rbcs-cbk jjxb-nPs-Woa-apJ-FK-WYd-Wkx-qK-los-fhcn-dka-aI-jlok-Fof-rxkn-apJ-tos-Ga-rais-eu-qPx Chk-qK-los-vmg-jlok-jsPa-Grh-aks jjSb-whk-ahln-vmg-jria-cbk-xia-FK-jVia-via-rk-jjSb-Bbks-Gf-jtpn. FK-jVia-HV-Hfh-vmg-Chk-qK-los-qNs-jjSb-jcoJk-cbk qK-los-div-aks-vmg-jWpn-xp-dka-qoc-qia-dia jjtK lkf-xp-QUh-Gf-QUh-raygs-wNa-Fof-rxkn-aiJa jjthc-Geb-Eug-wls-qK-los-tos-Els-dmg-Hfh?”

“Then I fail to follow your Majesty. You are worried that this young person could threaten to show your letters to the newspapers unless you give her money. But I don’t see the problem. Couldn’t you just say they are not real, that you and she were never involved, and that someone else wrote the letters and put your name on them?”


“vmg-jVia-rnis! qK-los-vld-HV-jtpn-cbk xp-Woa-eI-jaok-tkn-xu-wls-qK-los.”


“qK-los-vld-HV-jtpn-cbk- xp-Woa-jlok-jFhn-aiJa-Fkd-qK-los-HV.”




“rxof-dia! Ebks-LEd-Rhkn-jjDhA.”

“whln-vmg-Hfh-WPf-Cpg-Chca, Figs-jjxba-whln-jVia-vhk-jjDhA.”

“There is the writing.”

“No problem! You can say someone copied your writing.”

“They are written on my note-paper.”

“You can say someone took it from you.”

“My photograph is with them.”

“Anyone can buy your photograph.”

“We were both in the photograph.”

“Oh, dear! That is very bad!”

“I was not thinking well. I had lost all my senses.”


“Sla-aiJa-whln-jVia-qNs-jFoJk-Ekn-DI-xK-fk-los-raygs, whln-nis-vmg-Dia-jVia-QUh-Grnb jjxba-jjSb-fNc-apJ lk-nY-whln-rk-dmg 30 Vp-jDogk-aiJa.”


“jRok-Hfh-qK-nk-nkx-rtkn-jDugl-jjthc jjSb-dmg-vmg-eI-jtif.”

“qK-los-Shls-Hfh-GEh-jsPa, Shls-EuJ-jlok-xia-Wua-xk.”



“rhk-jDugl-jjthc-Dpg-qcd-jRok-qK-nk-nkx-tid-jlok, xp-BUb-els-jDug-l-Dpg-whln-Hfh-Fhks-Woa vYd-jwoJk-HV-Ga-jRula-wls-aks, lpd-jDug-l-raygs-qcd-jRok-Hfh-WoJa-jWugls-wls-aks Sla-Dpg-aks-HV-DbNc jjtK lpd-els-jDug-l-qcd-jRok-nyf-VYha-Soc-aks jjSb-dmg-nis-vmg-Hfh-Qoa.”

“You have made some serious problems for yourself.”

“I was only a prince then. I was young. Even now, I am still only 30.”

“We must get it back.”

“We have tried and failed.”

“Your Majesty must pay. It must be bought.”

“She will not sell.”

“Steal it, then.”

“Five times we have tried to steal it. Twice I have paid men to break into her house. Once we looked in her things when she traveled. Twice she has been stopped and searched. There has been no result.”


“vmg, vmg-xp-rnis-jtpn.”

“LRxe-roc-wyJa, “xia-jVia-via-rk-jtid-ahln-jDogk-aiJa,” tkc-jcoJk.

“jjSb-xia-jVia-jtugls-Grnb-eI-tiv-whln-Hf½,” qK-los-Slv.

“Lfn-whk-ahln, xia-jVia-jtugls-Grnb, jjthc-aks-Hfh-cks-jjQa-jqugl-jRif-rnis-div-RUv-aiJa-vmg?”

“jqug-l-DI-Rhkn jjtK dbkc-wcia-aPa-Dk-whln-jjab-ala.”



“jlp, whk-ahln-Hfh-nPa-wbkc-jEiga-aiJa-Wu-dia.”

“No sign of it?”

“No. None.”

Holmes laughed. “It is quite a pretty little problem,” he said.

“But a very serious one to me,” replied the King.

“Very serious, indeed. And what does she plan to do with the photograph?”

“To hurt me. To cause a scandal.”

“But how?”

“I am about to be married.”

“So I have heard.”

“eI-tiv-tUd-ekc-wls-dK-eif-jjrbs- ejjda-fp-ja-jcn jFoJk-lkf-FK-RUh-Fid-dbNc-div-Wlv-Woc-wls-aks-jjthc, qNs-jjSb-Wckx-eos-He-Gf-raygs-dbNc-div-lK-fpf-wls-whln lkf-FK-aI-xk-jEPgs-FYf-Fov-wls-dka-jjSbs-ska-Hfh.”

“To the daughter of the King of Scandinavia. You may know about her family. Any doubt as to my past would bring the matter to an end.”

“jjthc Hl-Tpa jjlf-jtp jf?”

“aks-wUb-cbk-FK-eogs-RUv-aiJa-HV-Grh-qcd-jwok jjtK aks-dmg-FK-jRif-jjDhA, whln-RUh-fp-cbk aks-FK-Shls-jRif-jjac-aiJa. jFoJk-vmg-RUh-Fid-jjxb-nPs-Woa-apJ-qm, FPf-GF-wls-aks-jjws-Vka-jrtid-dhk, aks-jVia-Woa-Dpg-xp-Wckx-ecn-skx-Dpg-eYf jjtK xp-FPf-GF-Dpg-jwiJx-jjws-Vka-QUh-Ekn; Chk-whln-jjSbs-ska-div-jjxb-nPs-Woa-luga aks-Shls-jRif-ePgs-Gf-ePgs-raygs, aks-FK-Shls-jRif-jjab-ala.”

“And Irene Adler?”

“Threatens to send them the photograph. And she will do it. I know that she will do it. You do not know her, but she has a soul of steel. She has the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the strongest of men. Rather than let me marry another woman, she would do anything – anything at all.”

“qK-los-jjab-GF-vmg- cbk-aks-vmg-Hfh-eogs-RUv-aiJa-HV-jDug-l?”



“jqkK-aks-Hfh-jcoJk-cbk aks-FK-eogs-RUv-aiJa-HV jxugl-Gf-Dpg-qcd-jRok-xp-dka-VK-dkf-wbkc-jjSbs-ska jjtK aiJa-dmg-FK-jjxba-qkn-Ga-ekx-xuJ-apJ.”

“Ll, qcd-jRok-nis-xp-jc-tk-BUb-lpd-ekx-xuJ,” LRxe-jcoJk, “aiv-cbk-LEd-fp-jjthc fNc-apJ-whk-ahln-nis-xp-jtugls-luga-lpd-raygs rtu els-jtugls-eI-Wia-Dpg-Shls-HV-jvPgs. Sla-apJ-qK-los-qid-BUb tla-fla-jjxba-vmg?”

“jjxba-jjthc, jFoJk-FK-qov-whln-Hfh-Dpg-LRs-jjRx jjts-jjRx Ga-akx-wls jWoJk cla jjWT-x.”

“Wia-EiJa-whk-ahln-FK-eogs-wbkc-rk-qK-los jqugl-tkn-ska-Wckx-Wuv-rahk-wls-qcd-jRok.”

“You are sure that she has not sent it yet?”

“I am sure.”

“And why?”

“Because she has said that she would send it on the day when we made public our plan to marry. That will be in three days.”

“Oh, so we have three days yet,” said Holmes. “That is very good, as I have one or two matters of importance to look into just at present. Your Majesty will, of course, stay in London for the present?”

“Certainly. You will find me at the Langham Hotel under the name of the Count Von Kramm.”

“Then I shall drop you a line to let you know how we are doing.”

“dK-tY-ak-Rpv-fI-japa-dka, whln-dis-coa-div-jtugls-apJ-Hf½.”




“whln-FK-vld-Grh-jFoJk-RUh-jtpn-cbk whln-nPa-fp-eK-rtK-jWPgs-raygs-wls-lk-ak-Fid jqugl-Grh-Hfh-RUv-aiJa-Wua-xk.”



“Please do so. I will be worried.”

“Then, as to money?”

“Spend whatever you need to spend.”

“Whatever I need?”

“I tell you that I would give half of my kingdom to have that photograph.”

“And for present costs?”

The King took a heavy bag and laid it on the table.

“Ga-dK-jVok-apJ-xp-rtNa-WI-WPf-jVia-jsPa-ekx-Rhln-Vla jjtK jVia-DK-ak-vif-lpd-jFif-Rhln-Vla,” qK-los-jcoJk.

“LRxe-wNa-FI-aca-jsPa-Dpg-eK-jrap-Grh tos-Ga-jFhn-jjQba-raygs-Fkd-VyJx-via-Dyd-wls-tkc jjthc-dmg-nuga-Grh-qK-los.

“jjthc-Dpg-BUb-wls-jjxb-nPs-Woa-aiJa-jf?” LRxe-Ckx.

“aks-qid-BUb-LRs-jjRx Hv-T-lia, CK-raoa TpjcpEkn, jEia-Flae cUf.”

LRxe-via-Dyd-Hch, “lpd-raygs-WI-Ckx,” tkc-jcoJk, “RUv-figs-dbkc-jVia-RUv-Geb-dK-jVok-vmg rtu xp-wK-rakf-Grnbdcbk-aiJa?”


“There are three hundred pounds in gold and seven hundred pounds in notes,” he said.

Holmes wrote the amount received on a piece of paper from his notebook and handed it to the King.

“And the woman’s address?” he asked.

“She is at the Brian Hotel, Riverside Street, St. John’s Wood.”

Holmes took a note of it. “One other question,” he said. “Was the photograph pocket-sized, or large?”

“It was large.”

“Wia-EiJa-tk-Sp-eK-cif qK-los, whk-ahln-jEugl-cbk vmg-foa-qcd-whk-ahln-FK-xp-wbkc-fp-xk-Grh-qK-los. tk-Sp-eK-cif cif-eia,” tkc-jcoJk-lpd-Sugx wK-aK-Dpg-tof-xhk-jjwd-wls-jRok QUh-jEPgs-jViadK-eif qcx-jjtba-HV-Skx-CK-raoa. “xuJ-luga-Sla-DbNs-jc-tk-ekx-Lxs Chk-LS-eK-fcd-xk-rk jRok-Bkd-tox-LS-dbNc-div-jtugls-tkc-ahlnA-apJ.”


“Then, good night, your Majesty, and I trust that we shall soon have some good news for you. And good night, Watson,” he added, as the wheels of the royal car rolled down the street. “If you will be good enough to come tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock I would like to talk about this little matter with you.”


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