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A Scandal in Bohemia: A Sherlock Holmes Story



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At exactly three o’clock I was at Baker Street, but Holmes had not yet returned. The owner told me that he had left the house shortly after eight o’clock in the morning. I sat down near the fire, planning to wait for him, however long he might be. I was already deeply interested in his investigation, for, though it was not strange in the same way as the two crimes that I have already written about, still, the fact that his client was a king made this case very special.

Foa-jdulv-Rlf-epg-Lxs-FPgs-jria-VK-SU-jVpf-lld, xp-QUh-Ekn-jjSbs-Soc-vmg-RNv-Rhln, Gv-rahk-jjfs-jqkK-fugx-jrtoJk nbks-jwoJk-xk-Ga-rhls. jCPs-jjxba-cbk-whln-FK-WYha-jWpn-div-Wckx-ek-xkf-lia-VK-rtkf-GF- Ga-dka-VK-dof-Soc-wls-jqugla-wls-whln jjSb-whln-nis-Hfh-jvPgs-jCPs-ekx-jDugl-FPgs-jjab-GF-cbk aiJa-jjxba jEp-til-d LRxe-jjDhA. tkc-jwoJk-HV-Ga-rhls-Lfn-Vk-eK-Fkd-dka-eogs-eia-nka-GfA-div-whln. lpd-rhk-ak-Dp-Cif-xk-tkc-dmg-lld-Fkd-rhls-xk jjtK jjSbs-Soc-fpA rahk-aiv-Cu-jEiga-jWpn. xu-wls-tkc-Fod-BUb-Ga-Cos-jeuJl jjtK BNf-wk-lld-BUb-whks-jSok-Hz jjthc-dmg-roc-wyJa-Bbks-jSix-GF-foa-eox-Wca.

It was almost four o’clock before the door opened, and a badly dressed man, with his face red from drinking, walked into the room. Although I was quite used to my friend’s surprising ability to change his appearance, I had to look three times before I was certain that it was indeed Sherlock Holmes. With a nod he disappeared into the bedroom. He came out five minutes later, nicely dressed, as of old. Putting his hands into his pockets, he stretched out his legs in front of the fire and laughed heartily for some minutes.

“jqugla-jlpn eK-raYd-jjDhA!” tkc-jcoJk-wyJa-Bbks-jjRs jjthc-dmg-roc-lpd-WiJs, Fkd-aiJa-dmg-ala-lps-jDpJs-tos-Ga-Sigs-Bbks-lPf-jxugln-lbla-jqn.


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“Well, really!” he cried, and then he laughed again until he had to lie back, helpless, in the chair.

“What is it?”

“It’s quite too funny. I am sure you could never guess how I used my morning, or what I ended up doing.”

“I can’t imagine. I suppose that you have been carefully watching Miss Irene Adler.”

“LS-jfok-Cud-jjthc jjSb-ePgs-Dpg-Skx-xk-whla-whks-QPf-Vod-dK-SP. Sla-jEoJk-apJ-jRok-lld-Fkd-vhka-HV-jjVf-Lxs-Vkn-rahln-raygs, jjSbs-Soc-Wu-Ekc-ak-qcx-EP-lld-HV-jRif-cNd. QUh-Woa-Dpg-jRif-cNd-BUb-div-xhk-DI-Wckx-RUh-Fid-dia jjtK jwoJk-dia-Hfh-Bbks-Hc-ck, Chk-LS-Hfh-BUb-div-qcd-jwok LS-FK-Hfh-RUh-DYd-ePgs-Dpg-LS-Bkd-FK-RUh. vmg-foa-jRok-dmg-RUh-cbk LRs-jjRx Hv-T-lia BUb-Ge, xia-xp-eca-BUb-Dks-fhka-rtis jjSb-Dks-fhka-rahk-SPf-div-CK-raoa; jVia-Syd-eUs-els-EiJa jjtK VK-SU-Geb-dK-jjF-Hch-Bbks-rak-jjraha; xp-rhls-Riv-jjwd-dchks-Grnb-BUb-Dks-fhka-wck jjtK xp-Vbls-BhNx-nkc-tos-jdulv-Rlf-quJa-rhls; Dks-rtis-rhls-aiJa-vmg-xp-rnis-jVia-Dpg-eis-jdf ald-Fkd-xp-Vbls-BhNx-Dpg-ek-xkf-jwoJk-HV-Hfh-Fkd-rtis-Wk-jvuJls-rtis. jRok-nbks-jvPgs-RlvA jjtK eI-rtcf-DYdA-FYf-Dpg-eI-Wia jjSb-dmg-vmg-xp-ePgs-luga-Gf-jVia-Dpg-rahk-eoa-GF.

“Quite so; but what came next was rather unusual. I left the house a little after eight o’clock this morning, dressed as a farmer out of work. Men who work with horses quickly make friends with one another. If you are one of them, you will know all that there is to know. I soon found the Brian Hotel. It has a garden at the back, but the front comes right up to the road, two stories high. It has a strong lock on the door. There is a large living room on the right side, with long windows almost to the floor. Behind there was nothing remarkable, except that the hall window could be reached from the top of the house in back. I walked around it and looked at it closely from every point of view, but without noting anything else of interest.

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“jjthc-tkn-tK-lNf-wls Hl-Tpa jjlf-jtp jVia-jjac-Gf?” whln-Ckx.

“I then slowly walked down the street and found, as I expected, a smaller street that runs down along one wall of the garden. I helped the men rub down their horses. In return, they gave me a little money, a bottle of beer, and as much information as I could desire about Miss Adler. They also told me a great deal about six other people in the neighborhood in whom I was not in the least interested, but whose life stories I was forced to listen to.”

“And what of Irene Adler?” I asked.

“Ll, aks-dmg-Viga-roc-qcd-QUh-Ekn-jjCcA-aiJa-HV-rxof-riJa-jjrtK. aks-jVia-jjxb-nPs-Dpg-tK-lNf-lbla jjtK ecn-skx-Dpg-eYf-Ga-Ltd, apJ-Wu-ePgs-Dpg-QUh-Ekn-DYd-Woa-Skx-jjCc-CK-raoa Tp-jcp-Ekn WPf-BUb. aks-GEh-Ep-cPf-BUb-jjvv-sNvA, xp-lk-Epv-Rhls-jqs, wiv-tof-lld-Fkd-vhka-jc-tk-rhk-Lxs-DYd-xuJ jjtK div-xk-vhka-jqugl-dPa-jwoJk-jjts-Ga-jc-tk-jFif-Lxs. aks-vmg-Wbln-lld-Fkd-vhka-Ga-jc-tk-luga ald-Fkd-dka-HV-Rhls-jqs; xp-QUh-Ekn-Woa-raygs-xid-xk-rk-aks jjtK dmg-rxiga-xk-lpd-fhcn; QUh-Ekn-Woa-aiJa-jVia-Woa-Qpc-fI jjtK jFoJk-EUh, tkc-xid-HV-rk-aks-vmg-rahln-dcbk-raygs-WiJs-Smg-xuJ ebca-rtkn-jjxba-els-WiJs. tkc-Eug-cbk dlf-jzT am-Sia. jRok-Hfh-tox-div-Woa-Dpg-wiv-tof-xhk-HV-eogs-tkc-BUb-vhka-xk-jjthc-jVia-ePvA-WiJs jjthc-jRok-dmg-Hfh-RUh-DYd-Bbks-dbNc-div-Soc-tkc. jria-vmg-cbk-xia-xp-VK-Lrnf-rtkn-eX-Gf-Dpg-HV-RUh-Fid-div-Woa-wiv-tof-xhk jjtK Hfh-wmJ-xUa-Fkd-qcd-jwok! jxugl-jRok-Hfh-nPa-DYd-Bbks-Dpg-tkc-vld-xk jRok-dmg-tls-nbks-tNv-HV+-xk-Skx-LRs-jjRx Hv-T-lia lpd-jDug-l-raygs jqugl-WPf-cks-jjQa-dka.

“Oh, she has turned all the men’s heads down in that part. She is the most delicate, beautiful thing on this earth. That’s what every man on Riverside Street thinks. She lives quietly, still sings now and then, drives out at five every day, and returns at exactly seven o’clock for dinner. She rarely goes out at other times, except when she sings. She has only one man visit her, but he visits quite often. He is dark and handsome, never calls less than once a day, and often twice. His name is Mr. Godfrey Norton. I talked to a man who had driven him home ten or twelve times, and knew all about him. See how useful it is to have a cab driver to give us information! When I had listened to all he had to tell, I began to walk up and down near the Brian Hotel once more, and to think over my plan.

“QUh-Ekn-Dpg-Eug dlf-jzT am-Sia Woa-apJ Wu-vYd-Woa-Dpg-eI-Wia-Ga-jtugls-apJ-Bbks-jria-Hfh-Eif-jFa. jjxba-rnis-Wu-jrf-Qoa-Dpg-qk-Grh-tkc-xk-rk-aks-WiJs-jjthc-WiJs-jtogk? Hl-Tpa jjlf-jtp jVia-tUd-Wckx-wls-tkc-vmg rtu-cbk-aks-jVia-Woa-Rid-jjvv-tivA-tpJA-wls-tkc-dia-jjDh? Chk-aks-jVia-tUd-Wckx-wls-tkc aks-lkf-FK-jlok-RUv-Grh-tkc-Hch-jqug-l-Wckx-Vlf-Hq, jjSb-Chk-rkd-qcd-jwok-qoc-qia-dia-Ga-Dks-EUh-ekc aks-lkf-FK-jdiv-RUv-aiJa-Hch-div-aks-jls jRok-Shls-dka-WI-Slv-Grh-div-WI-Ckx-apJ. VK-jfia-apJ-lkf-FK-jRif-Grh-jRok-RUh-cbk jRok-Wca-FK-fI-japa-dka-BUb-Dpg-LRs-jjRx Hv-T-lia Smg-HV rtu ria-div-xk-eoa-GF-rhls-wls-eY-qkv-vU-tYf-Woa-aiJa. xia-jVia-FYf-Dpg-tK-lNf-lbla jjtK jRif-Grh-wlv-jwf-wls-dka-euv-eca-wls-jRok dchks-wcks-lld-dcbk-jdogk. jRok-Bhka-cbk tkn-tK-lNf-jrtogk-apJ-FK-jRif-Grh-LS-rahk-jvugl jjSb-jRok-FI-jVia-Shls-jrtogk-via-rk-ahlnA-apJ-Grh-LS-zis cbk-LS-qm-FK-jwoJk-GF-DYd-Bbks-Hfh-jjfb-vmg.”

“This Godfrey Norton was apparently an important person in the matter. What was the reason for his repeated visits? Was Irene Adler his client, or his secret lover? If she was his client, she had probably given him the photo­graph to keep it safe. But if they were involved as a couple, then she probably kept the photograph to herself. I needed an answer to this question. That would tell me whether I should keep doing my work at the Brian Hotel, or turn my attention to the gentleman’s rooms. It was a delicate point, and it made the field of my investigation wider. I fear that all these details bore you, but I have to let you see my little problems, if you are to understand everything.”

“jRok-Skx-LS-Dia-eK-vkn.” whln-Slv.

“jRok-dI-tis-WPf-BUb-cbk FK-jRif-jjac-Gf-fp-div-jtugls-apJ qm-fp-xp-tof-Wia-raygs-jjtba-jwoJk-xk Ga-LRs-jjRx Hv-T-lia jjtK xp-eY-qkv-vU-tYf-Woa-raygs-Lff-lld-Fkd-tof. tkc-jVia-Woa-jFoJk-EUh, Qox-fI jjtK fis-jjrtx-nkc-fp, jria-Hfh-Eif-jFa-jtpn-cbk tkc-jVia-Woa-Dpg-jRok-Hfh-nPa-xk, Dbk-Dks-wls-tkc-zhkc-zigs-Dpg-eYf, tkc-Rhls-Grh-Woa-wiv-tof-tm-Chk jjthc-nbks-Qbka-Woa-GEh-QUh-Dpg-jVpf-VK-SU-Grh-tkc Whkn-div-cbk-Woa-Dpg-WYha-jWpn-div-vhka-rtis-apJ-jVia-Bbks-fp.

“I am following you closely,” I answered.

“I was still thinking the matter over when a cab drove up to the Brian Hotel, and a gentleman jumped out. He was a remarkably handsome man, with dark hair and a sharp nose – apparently the man of whom I had heard. He appeared to be in a great hurry. He shouted to the cab driver to wait, and walked past the servant who opened the door with the air of a man who was quite at home.

“tkc-BUb-Ga-vhka-VK-xka-jWPgs-Eogc-Lxs jRok-ek-xkf-jria-tkc-Hfh-Qbka-Dks-VK-SU-Vbls-BhNx-wls-rhls-aigs-rtPJa, tkc-nbks-wyJaA-tosA jjtK jcoJk-fhcn-Wckx-Suga-jSiJa qhlx-Dis-nod-xu-HV+-xk. ebca Hl-Tpa jjlf-jtp jRok-vmg-jria-rnis-jtpn. Ga-Dpg-eYf-jRok-dmg-jria-tkc-nbks-qcf-qkf-lld-xk-Dks-ald jjtK jvPgs-Dbk-Dks-wls-tkc-nPgs-Suga-jSiJa-dcbk-jdogk. wK-aK-Dpg-tkc-dhkc-wk-jwoJk-HV-Ga-tof tkc-dmg-Fod-jlok-Lxs-WI-lld-Fkd-Cos-jeuJl-xk-jvPgs-Bbks-GF-Fof-GF-Fmg, ‘Rpv-wiv-HV-HcA,’ tkc-Rhls-eigs, ‘HV-Rhka jjRs-Wp- Dpg-CK-raoa Rpt dbla, Fkd-aiJa-dmg-HV Lvf jEia-Lx-ap-dk, whln-FK-jlok-rtNa-jsPa-Grh-jFoJk Chk-jFoJk-qk-whln-HV-Rlf-Dpg-aiJa-Hfh-qkn-Ga-Ekc-ak-Dp!’

“He was in the house about half an hour, and I could see him in the windows of the sitting-room, walking up and down, talking excitedly, and waving his arms. Of Irene Adler, I could see nothing. Finally he came out, looking even more excited than before. As he stepped up to the cab, he pulled a gold watch from his pocket and looked at it carefully. ‘Drive fast,’ he shouted, ‘first to Hankey’s Shop on Hill Street, and then to the Church of St. Monica. I’ll give you a silver coin if you do it in twenty minutes!’

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