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A Scandal in Bohemia: A Sherlock Holmes Story



“jxug-l-qcd-jwok-lld-HV-jjthc jRok-dmg-WPf-cbk-Wca-FK-Skx-qcd-jwok-HV-rtu-vmg, qm-HV-Rlf-Dks-ahln-jeiJa-raygs dmg-xp-tof-lpd-Wia-raygs-jjtba-jwoJk-xk, Woa-wiv-tof-Dia-Geb-dK-fYx-jeuJl-Grnb-Hfh-qNs-jWPgs-fNc, eY-qkv-eK-Sp-Woa-aiJa-lld-xk-Fkd-jRula jjthc-Rpv-zhkc-wyJa-tof-dbla-Dpg-tof-nis-vmg-Dia-BYf-aPJs-fhcn-EO. wK-aK-aiJa-jRok-Dia-jria-aks-qNs-jjcv-fNc, jjSb-dmg-jria-Hfh-cbk aks-jVia-Woa-ecn-skx-jjDhA, Gv-rahk-wls-aks-jRif-Grh-QUh-Ekn-lkf-nlx-Skn-jjDa-aks-Hfh.

“Away they went, and I was just wondering if I should follow them when up the small street came a cab, the driver with his coat half open. It hadn’t pulled up before the woman shot out of the hall door and into the cab. I only caught a glance of her at the moment, but she was a beautiful woman, with a face that a man might die for.

“‘HV-Lvf jEia-Lx-ap-dk Fla,’ aks-eigs, ‘whln-FK-Grh-jFoJk-els-rtNa-jsPa Chk-jFoJk-qk-whln-HV-jCPs-vbla-aiJa-qkn-Ga-Ekc-ak-Dp.’

“xia-jVia-Ll-dkf-lia-fp-Dpg-jRok-vmg-lkf-Grh-qkf-HV-Hfh cif-eia. jRok-dI-tis-WPf-BUb-cbk Wca-FK-Skx-rtis-aks-HV rtu-cbk-FK-wyJa-aigs-Dks-rtis-tof-HV-div-aks-Lfn-vmg-Grh-aks-RUh-Hfh jjSb-qm-fp-xp-tof-Wia-raygs-jjtba-Qbka-Dks-jwoJk-xk. Woa-wiv-tof-jvPgs-rahk-Sk-FoaA-Bbks-jRok-els-jDugl jjSb-jRok-Rpv-Lff-wyJa-tof-dbla-Dpg-tkc-FK-Dia-jcoJk-rnis-lld-xk, ‘HV-Lvf jEia-Lx-ap-dk,’ jRok-vld, ‘jjthc-whln-FK-Grh-jFoJk-els-rtNa-jsPa Chk-jFoJk-qk-whln-HV-jCPgs-vbla-aiJa-Hfh-qkn-Ga-Ekc-ak-Dp.’ xia-jVia-jc-tk 11:35 ak-Dp jjtK jjab-ala-BUb-jjthc-cbk DYd-Bbks-jria-Hfh-Eif-jFa cbk-xp-rnis-jdpf-wyJa.

“‘The Church of St. Monica, John,’ she cried, ‘and two silver coins if you reach it in twenty minutes.’

“This was quite too good to lose, Watson. I was just deciding whether I should run for it, or whether I should sit behind her cab and get a ride where she couldn’t see me. But then another cab came down the street. The driver looked twice at such a poor man as I, but I jumped in before he could say anything. ‘The Church of St. Monica,’ said I, ‘and two silver coins if you reach it in twenty minutes.’ It was twenty-five minutes to twelve, and of course it was clear enough what was happening.

“Woa-wiv-tof-wls-jRok-wiv-Hc-eYf-wpf, jRok-vmg-jWpn-Hfh-wpg-tof-Hc-Vka-apJ-Fid-jDugl-jtpn jjSb-qcd-jwok-dmg-nis-HV-jCPs-vbla-aiJa-dbla-jRok. tof-xhk-wls-qcd-jwok-Flf-BUb-Smg-rahk-VK-SU Sla-Dpg-jRok-HV-Rlf, jRok-Rpv-Fbkn-jsPa-Grh-Woa-wiv-tof jjthc-zhkc-nbks-jwoJk-HV-Ga-Lv-f. vmg-xp-GQ-BUb-Ga-aiJa ald-Fkd-els-Woa-Dpg-jRok-Skx-HV jjtK vkf-rtcs-lpd-Woa-raygs jEPgs-dI-tis-Llh-tox-dia-BUb-Bbks-Rpv-fbca, qcd-jwok-Dis-ekx-qcx-Bua-FYhx-dia-jVia-dYbx BUb-Smg-rahk-jjDba-vU-Ek. ebca-jRok-jls-Bua-lps-Zk-BUb DI-Dbk-Whkn-div-Woa-wpJ-Whka Dpg-jwoJk-xk-jqPgs-qk-lk-He-BUb-Ga-Lv-f. Dia-Gf-aiJa-xia-jRif-Grh-jRok-VK-rtkf-GF-Bbks-nPgs jxug-l-Dis-ekx-Woa-Dpg-BUb-Smg-rahk-ria-rahk-xk-rk-jRok jjthc dlf-jzT am-Sia dmg-Rpv-jjtba-jwoJk-xk-rk-jRok-Bbks-Rpv-Rhla.

“My driver drove fast. I don’t think I ever moved faster, but the others were there before us. The cabs with their horses were in front of the door when I arrived. I paid the driver and hurried into the church. There was not a soul there save the couple whom I had followed and a minister, who was talking with them. They were all three standing in a group in the front of the church. I leaned up against a wall like any other loafer who has dropped into a church. Suddenly, to my surprise, the three up in front turned to face me, and Godfrey Norton came running as hard as he could towards me.

“‘wlv-GF qK-jFoJk,’ tkc-Rhls-wyJa, ‘jFoJk-Shls-Ebcn-qcd-jRok-Hfh, Rpv-xk! Rpv-xk!’

“‘jjthc-jVia-jjac-Gf-rtis-Fkd-aiJa?’ whln-Ckx-Smg.

“‘Rpv-xk-jCpf-jFoJk, qNs-ekx-ak-Dp-jDogk-aiJa.’

“‘Thank God,’ he cried. ‘You’ll do. Come! Come!’

“‘What then?’ I asked.

“‘Come, man, come, only three minutes.’

“jRok-Cud-fys-HV-Smg-rahk-jjDba-vU-Ek jjtK dbla-Dpg-jRok-FK-RUh-cbk-jRok-dI-tis-jRif-rnis-BUb dmg-qov-cbk-jRok-dI-tis-jcoJk-Skx-WI-Dpg-xp-Woa-EPgx-Geb-rU-jjvv-WblnA. jRok-Hfh-RUh-Ga-ePgs-Dpg-jRok-vmg-RUh-lpg-La-lpg-ja-rnis-jtpn Lfn-dka-Ebcn-Riv-Rls-dka-jjSbs-ska-wls Hl-Tpa jjlf-jtp div dlf-jzT am-Sia. DYd-Bbks-eI-jtif-HV-Lfn-Hc jjtK eY-qkv-vU-tYf-Woa-aiJa-dmg-dbkc-wlv-GF-jRok-BUb-Dks-whks-raygs jjtK eY-qkv-eK-Sp-BUb-lpd-Dks-whks-raygs wK-aK-Dpg-vkf-rtcs-Bua-nPJx-BUb-Smg-rahk-wls-jRok. xia-jVia-eK-Ck-aK-dka-Dpg-vmg-rahk-jEugl-Dpg-eYf-Ga-Ep-cPf-Dpg-jRok-jWpn-qov-xk, qm-WPf-wyJa-xk-jDugl-Gf jRok-dmg-lof-roc-vmg-Hfh-Wu-Sla-apJ-A-jjrtK.

“I was pulled up to the front of the church. Before I knew where I was, I found myself repeating words that were quietly spoken in my ear. I said that I knew about things of which I knew nothing, and generally helped in the marriage of Irene Adler to Godfrey Norton. It was all done in an instant, and there was the gentleman thanking me on the one side and the lady on the other, while the minister smiled at me in front. It was the most absurd position in which I ever found myself in my life, and it was the thought of it that started me laughing just now.

“jvPgs-Wu-div-cbk-xp-vks-Bbks-Dpg-vmg-Elv-xk-qk-Wca Ga-dka-jjSbs-ska-wls-els-Woa-apJ jjtK vkf-rtcs-Wos-VK-SP-jef-dka-jjSbs-ska-wls-qcd-jwok Dpg-vmg-xp-GQ-jVia-qK-nka. dka-VK-dof-Soc-wls-jRok-Ga-vbla-aiJa Hfh-Ebcn-Grh-Dbka am-Sia vmg-FI-jVia-Shls-HV-Eld-rk-qK-nka-BUb-Skx-CK-raoa, eY-qkv-eK-Sp-Woa-aiJa-jlok-rtNa-jsPa-Grh-jRok-raygs-rtNa jjtK jRok-dK-cbk-FK-jlok-xia-rhln-Hch-ekn-Lxs jqugl-jVia-Wckx-Eos-FI-Fkd-Sla-jjts-wls-xuJ-aiJa.”

“xia-Ebks-jVia-jrf-dka-Dpg-vmg-Wkf-WPf-jjDhA,” whln-jcoJk, “jjthc-Fkd-aiJa-xp-rnis-Sugx-lpd?”

“It seems that there had been something wrong in the papers that the couple needed to marry, and that the minister would not marry them without a witness of some sort. My lucky appearance saved Mr. Norton from having to go out into the streets to look for a witness. The woman gave me a silver coin, and I mean to wear it on my watch-chain to remember the evening.”

“This is a very unexpected turn of affairs,” I said. “And what then?”

“Wu-cbk, jRok-qov-cbk-jjQa-dka-wls-jRok-qcx-Cud-WYd-Wkx-BUb-Bbks-raid, jvPgs-Wu-cbk-Dis-els-FK-Rpv-lld-HV, Chk-jVia-jEiga-aiJa jRok-dmg-FK-Rpv-jRif-vks-ePgs-vks-Bbks. Bbks-Gf-dmg-Skx Dis-els-Hfh-jjnd-Fkd-dia-HV-Woa-tK-DPf-Dks-BUb-rahk-VK-SU-Lv-f. eY-qkv-vU-tYf-wpg-tof-div-HV-vhka-wls-tkc ebca-eY-qkv-eK-Sp-dmg-div-HV-vhka-wls-aks. ‘whln-FK-wyJa-tof-HV-eca-ek-Dk-tK-aK-jc-tk-rhk-Lxs-Skx-Vod-dK-SP,’ aks-jcoJk wK-aK-Dpg-aks-Fkd-tkc-HV. Fkd-aiJa-jRok-dmg-vmg-Hfh-nPa-rnis-lpd-jtpn. qcd-jwok-wpg-tof-lld-HV-Woa-tK-DPf-Dks jjthc-jRok-dmg-lld-HV-jqug-l-cks-jjQa-Grxb.”

“Well, I found my plans very seriously threatened. It looked as if the pair might go away immediately. In that case, I would have to quickly do something. At the church door, however, they went in different directions. He drove back to his rooms, and she to her own house. ‘I shall drive out in the park at five as usual,’ she said as she left him. I heard no more. They drove away in different directions, and I went off to make my own plans.”


“EpJa-jBiaA-div-jvn-Fid-raygs-Fld-rahk-FK-fp,” tkc-Slv qhlx-Dis-dof-dK-fPs, “jRok-rnYhs-jdpa-HV-Foa-tux-WPf-jria-lk-rka jjtK Sla-jjts-apJ-jRok-lkf-FK-rnYhs-dcbk-apJ-fhcn-EO. Figs-Gf-dmg-fp fil-d-jSp, jRok-Bkd-Grh-LS-Ebcn-jRok.”



“Which are?”

“Some cold meat and a glass of beer,” he answered, ringing the bell. “I have been too busy to think of food, and I will probably be even busier this evening. By the way, Doctor, I need your help.”

“I will be delighted.”

“You don’t mind breaking the law?”

“vmg-fld Chk-jjxba-jtugls-Dpg-xp-jrf-Qoa-fp.”

“Ll, xia-jVia-jrf-Qoa-Dpg-eYf-nlf-jtpn!”




“Chk-xk-fkx jDpa-jap jlok-lk-rka-xk-jjthc jRok-FK-lK-DP-vkn-FK-jjFhs-eUb-LS-zis, Sla-apJ,” tkc-jcoJk-fhcn-Wckx-rPc-Lrn wK-aK-sckd-rahk-HV-rk-lk-rka-jjvv-sbknA Dpg-jFoJk-wls-vhka-jlok-xk-Grh, “jRok-FK-jcoJk-eUb-zis-Sla-dI-tis-dPa-jwoJk jqkK-cbk-jRok-vmg-xp-jc-tk-rtkn, Sla-apJ-dmg-jdulv-FK-rhk-Lxs-jjthc, qkn-Ga-lpd-els-Eogc-Lxs qcd-jRok-Shls-SNx-qhlx-VK-SP-vif-dka; Hl-Tpa jjlf-jtp FK-wpg-tof-div-xk-Sla-jFif-Lxs. qcd-jRok-FK-Shls-HV LRs-jjRx Hv-T-lia jqug-l-qov-aks.”

“Not for a good cause.”

“Oh, the cause is a very good one!”

“Then I am your man.”

“I was sure that I could count on you.”

“But what do you want me to do?”

“When Mrs. Turner has brought in the food I will make it clear to you. Now,” he said as he turned hungrily to the simple food that the owner of our house had brought us, “I need to talk about it while I eat, because I don’t have much time. It is nearly five now. In two hours we must be ready to act. Irene Adler returns from her drive at seven o’clock. We must be at the Brian Hotel to meet her.”


“LS-Vbln-Grh-jVia-rahk-Dpg-wls-jRok-jls, jRok-Hfh-SNx-qhlx-DYd-Bbks-Hch-RNv-Rhln-jjthc eI-tiv-jtugls-Dpg-FK-jdpf-wyJa jjtK jRok-dmg-Hfh-vld-div-DYd-Woa-Dpg-FK-jwoJk-xk-qoc-qia-div-jtugls-apJ. xp-qNs-ePgs-fNc-Dpg-LS-Shls-Grh-eia-nk-div-jRok aiJa-dmg-Wu: LS-Shls-vmg-jwoJk-xk-wif-wcks vmg-cbk-FK-xp-rnis-jdpf-wyJa, LS-jwoJk-GF-jjthc-jjxba-vmg?”

“And what then?”

“You must leave that to me. I have already set up everything that is to happen, and I’ve spoken with everyone who will be involved. There is only one thing you must promise. You must not get in the way, no matter what happens. You understand?”


“vmg-Shls-jRif-rnis-jtpn-jqugla, lkf-FK-xp-ePgs-Dpg-vmg-rahk-VK-Div-GF-jtid-ahln-jdpf-wyJa, rhkx-jwoJk-HV-rnYhs-dbNc-jfif-wkf. Fkd-aiJa-jRok-dmg-FK-Cud-rkx-jwoJk-HV-Ga-vhka, epg-rtu rhk-ak-Dp-rtis-Fkd-aiJa Vbls-BhNx-rhls-aigs-rtPJa-FK-Cud-jVpf-lld, jRok-Bkd-Grh-LS-Bua-BUb-GdhA-div-Vbls-BhNx-Dpg-jVpf-BUb-aiJa.”


“LS-Shls-jjax-jvPgs-jRok-Hch jRok-FK-BUb-FYf-Dpg-LS-ek-xkf-jjax-jria.”


“I must do nothing?”

“Do nothing at all. There will probably be some small unpleasantness. Do not join in it. Then I will be carried into the house. Four or five minutes afterwards the sitting-room window will open. I want you to stand close to that open window.”


“You are to watch me, for I will be where you can see me.”


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