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A Scandal in Bohemia: A Sherlock Holmes Story



“FK-Vbln-Grh-tkc-ala-BUb-roa-Dks-jjvv-apJ-vmg-Hfh-Hf½, qk-tkc-jwoJk-HV-Ga-jRula-dbla-FK-Hfh-vmg?”

aks-Slf-roc “Hfh, qk-tkc-jwoJk-xk-Ga-rhls-aigs-rtPJa-qpJ xp-vbla-eK-fcd-eK-vkn-BUb-fld, xk-Dks-qpJ-jfp!”

“He can’t lie in the street. May we bring him in?”

She nodded. “Surely. Bring him into the sitting-room. There is a comfortable place for him. This way, please!”

tkc-Cud-rkx-jwoJk-HV-Ga-LRs-jjRx Hv-T-lia Bbks-tK-xif-tK-cis jjtK Cudcks-Hch-Ga-rhls-dchks wK-aK-Dpg-whln-jls-nis-eis-jdf-dka-BUb-whksA-Vbls-BhNx. fld-Hz-Cud-jVpf-Hch jjtK whln-dmg-jria-LRxe-ala-qid-Qbla-BUb. whln-vmg-RUh-cbk wK-aK-aiJa-tkc-FK-xp-jjQa-els-Hch-rtu-vmg eI-tiv-dka-rtPJa-tK-Wla-wls-tkc, whln-RUh-jjSb-cbk Ga-Ep-cPf-apJ-whln-vmg-jWpn-RUh-eyd-tK-lkn-GF jDogk-div-Dpg-whln-Hfh-jria-jjxb-nPs-skxA jjtK xp-Wckx-jxf-Sk-dK-tY-ak Dpg-jZoJk-Wln-BUb-div-QUh-Ekn-Woa-Dpg-Hfh-Riv-vkf-jFiv jEPgs-jVia-Woa-Dpg-whln-jRif-cNd-aI. jjSb-cbk LRxe-dmg-nis-Hch-cks-GF-whln jqugl-VK-SP-vif-ska-apJ jjtK whln-jls-dmg-Grh-eia-nk-Hch-div-tkc-jjthc. whln-jRif-GF-jwiJx-jjws jjthc-Fod-jlok-cif-CY-Dpg-qoga-Wcia-lld-xk-Fkd-Cos-jeuJl-Grnb, whln-WPf-BUb-cbk qcd-jRok-vmg-Hfh-qK-nk-nkx-DI-Rhkn-aks jjSb-qcd-jRok-dI-tis-qK-nk-nkx-eK-dif-diJa vmg-Grh-aks-HV-DI-Rhkn-Woa-luga-Sbks-rkd.

Slowly he was carried into the Brian Hotel and laid out in the main room, while I still observed everything from my place by the window. The lights were on, and I could see Holmes as he lay resting. I do not know whether he had any second thoughts at that moment for the part he was playing, but I know that I never in my life felt worse about myself than when I saw the beautiful woman against whom I was working, or the kindness with which she waited upon the hurt man. And yet Holmes had trusted me to do a job, and I had made a promise to him. I hardened my heart, and took the smoke-stick from under my coat. After all, I thought, we are not hurting her. We are just stopping her from hurting another.

LRxe-tYd-wyJa-aigs-BUb jjtK whln-dmg-Hfh-jria-tkc-WblnA-nhkn-xu-wyJa-xk-jjVK-jlPd jrxula-div-Woa-Dpg-Shls-dka-lk-dkf-Vlf-LVbs. Woa-GEh-Rpv-jjtba-HV-jVpf-Vbls-BhNx, Ga-jc-tk-fNc-dia-aiJa whln-jria-tkc-rtNc-xk-Dks-whln jjtK Slf-roc jjthc-whln-dmg-Lna-cif-CY-figs-dbkc-jwoJk-HV-Ga-rhls- qhlx-Dis-Rhls-wyJa-Bbks-jjRs-cbk: “Hz-Hrxh Hz-Hrxh!” qm-jjSb-Hfh-nPa-whln-Rhls-lld-HV- QUh-Woa-Dis-rtkn vmg-cbk-FK-jVia-Woa-Dpg-jjSbs-Soc-fp, Woa-jjSbs-Soc-Dpg-vmg-jVia-tK-vNv-RNv-Rhln, via-fk-eY-qkv-vU-tYf, tcx-Dis-Ekc-eca jjtK Woa-GEh Sbks-dmg-qk-dia-rYhx-jwoJk-xk jjtK Rhls-jVia-eNs-fNc-dia-cbk: “Hz-Hrxh Hz-Hrxh!” Wcia-Dpg-Dyv-rak-jjQb-dK-Fkn-HV-Dogc-rhls jjtK lld-xk-Dks-Vbls-BhNx-Dpg-jVpf-BUb.

Holmes had been sitting, and I saw him move his hand to his chest, like a man who is in need of air. A servant ran across and threw open the window. At the same instant I saw him nod his head in my direction, and I threw my stick into the room with a cry of “Fire!” The word was no sooner out of my mouth than the whole crowd, well-dressed and ill-dressed – gentlemen, farmers, and servants – joined in a general cry of “Fire!” Thick clouds of smoke came through the room and out the open window.

whln-rtNc-jjcv-jria-RbksA-raygs-jjtba-lld-HV jjtK lpd-vmg-foa-whln-dmg-Hfh-nPa-eNs-wls-LRxe-Rhls-wyJa-cbk xia-jVia-qNs-dka-jwoJk-GF-QPf-jDogk-aiJa jjtK whln-dmg-ecn-Ll-dkf-jjtba-Qbk-ZUs-Woa Dpg-dI-tis-eiv-eoa-cYha-ckn lld-HV-Dks-jjF-CK-raoa, lpd-VK-xka-ePv-ak-Dp-Smg-xk whln-dmg-RUh-eyd-Ltbs-GF-wyJa-lpd-WiJs Dpg-Hfh-jria-jqugla-wls-whln jjthc-qcd-jRok-dmg-qk-dia-rap-lld-Fkd-tK-Wla-Smg-eUh-ekd-aiJa-HV. LRxe-nbks-Hc jjtK xPf-sNv-BUb-rtkn-ak-Dp Foa-qcd-jRok-xk-Rlf-CK-raoa-Dpg-sNv-eK-rsov-jjrbs-raygs.

I glanced at the running figures, and a moment later I heard the voice of Holmes from within calling out that it was a false alarm. Slipping through the shouting crowd I made my way to the corner of the street, and in ten minutes was happy to find my friend’s arm in mine, and to get away from the scene of the fight. He walked quickly and quietly for some few minutes until we had turned down a quiet street.

“LS-jRif-Hfh-fp-rtkn fil-d-jSp,” tkc-jcoJk, “vmg-xp-rnis-FK-fp-HV-dcbk-apJ-jjthc, DYd-Bbks-RNv-Rhln-fp.”




“aks-jlok-lld-xk-Grh-jRok-jvPgs-jls Wu-figs-Dpg-jRok-Hfh-jcoJk-div-LS-aiJa-jjrtK cbk-aks-FK-Shls-jRif-jjvv-aiJa.”

“jRok-vmg-jwoJk-GF-jtpn cbk-xia-jVia-HV-Hfh-Figs-Gf.”

“You did it very nicely, Doctor,” he remarked. “Nothing could have been better. It is all right.”

“Do you have the photograph?”

“I know where it is.”

“And how did you find out?”

“She showed me, as I told you she would.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“jRok-vmg-Hfh-jRif-Grh-xia-jVia-jtugls-VPf-eK-rak-fld,” tkc-jcoJk-qhlx-Dis-roc, “xia-jVia-jtugls-DI-xK-fk-jjDhA, LS-dmg-jria-jjthc-cbk DYd-Woa-BUb-dks-CK-raoa-jjtba-jwoJk-Ebcn-jrtul-jRok, jRok-Hfh-Fhks-qcd-jwok-jRif-DYd-Bbks-eI-tiv-Sla-jjts-apJ-Lfn-eK-jqkK.”


“I do not wish to make a mystery,” he said, laughing. “The matter was perfectly simple. You, of course, saw that everyone in the street was helping me. I paid them all to work for me for the evening.”

“I guessed as much.”

“Sla-aiJa jxugl-xp-dka-Smg-eUh-dia-jdpf-wyJa jRok-Hfh-dI-ep-jjfs-Hch-Ga-xu, jRok-jfpa-Qbk-jwoJk-HV, DI-Dbk-toJx-tos jjthc-dmg-jlok-xu-xYv-Geb-rahk DI-Dbk-jrxula-Hfh-Riv-vkf-jFiv-raid. xia-jVia-jjQa-dka-jjvv-jdogkA.”


“Fkd-aiJa-qcd-jwok-dmg-rkx-jRok-jwoJk-HV-Ga-rhls, aks-FI-jVia-Shls-lK-aY-nkf-Grh-jRok-jwoJk-HV. aks-vmg-xp-Dks-jtuld-luga-lpd-jjthc jjtK xia-jjxba-rhls-aigs-rtPJa-wls-aks jEPgs-jVia-rhls-Dpg-jRok-WPf-cbk-aks-jdiv-RUv-aiJa-Hch. xia-FK-Shls-jjxba-rhls-aiJa rtu-vmg-dmg-rhls-ala-wls-aks jjtK jRok-dmg-Bkd-FK-RUh-jEiga-dia-cbk-xia-BUb-rhls-Gf-dia-jjDh. qcd-jwok-cks-jRok-tos jjtK jRok-DI-Dbk-cbk-Shls-dka-lk-dkf-eof, qcd-jwok-FPgs-FI-jVia-jVpf-Vbls-BhNx jjthc-LS-dmg-Hfh-Ll-dkf-aiJa.”


“Then, when the fight broke out, I had a little red paint in my hand. I took a step forward, fell down, hit my hand to my face, and looked like I was badly hurt. It is an old trick.”

“That also I could guess.”

“Then they carried me in. She had to let me in. What else could she do? And into her sitting-room, which was the very room where I thought the photograph was hidden. It was either there, or in her bedroom, and I needed to see which. They laid me down, I showed that I needed air, they were forced to open the window, and you had your chance.”

“How did that help you?”

“DYd-Bbks-thca-jjSb-eI-Wia-rxof, jxug-l-eY-qkv-eK-Sp-Woa-aiJa-WPf-cbk rhls-wls-aks-Cud-Hz-Hrxh aks-dmg-FK-Rpv-jjtba-HV-rk-ePgs-Dpg-aks-WPf-cbk-eI-Wia-Dpg-eYf. xia-jVia-Wckx-RUh-eyd-lia-jjRs-dhk jjtK jRok-dmg-Hfh-GEh-cP-Dp-apJ-xk-dbla-rtkn-dcbk-raygs-WiJs-jjthc jEiga-cbk: WK-fp-dbkc-wcia-aPa-Dk-wls-Woa-ZTigs jjtK jtugls-DY-tK-dPf-Wkf-SK-dI-BUb-Dks-DPf-jraul jRok-dmg-GEh-jjQa-apJ-Bbks-Hfh-Qoa. nod-Soc-Bbks: jjxb-nPs-Dpg-xp-tUd-ahln-dmg-FK-Rpv-Ebcn-tUd-Hch-dbla. Sla-apJ-DYd-Bbks-Eif-jFa-BUb-jjthc-cbk eY-qkv-eK-Sp-Woa-apJ-vmg-xp-rnis-Ga-rhls-wls-aks Dpg-eI-Wia-HV-dcbk-ePgs-Dpg-qcd-jRok-dI-tis-Skx-rk. dka-jRif-Hz-Hrxh-wls-LS-jjxba-jRif-Hfh-fp-rtkn, Wcia jjtK eNs-Rhls-wls-LS-qNs-qm-Dpg-jRif-Grh-Woa-luga-Bhka-doc-Hfh jjthc-aks-dmg-Hfh-jRif-Skx-Dpg-jRok-Wkf-Hch.

“It was all-important. When a woman thinks that her house is on fire, she will at once hurry to the thing that she thinks is most important. It is a strong feeling, and I have more than once been able to make use of it. In the case of the French scandal it was of use to me, and also in the business of the killings up north. A married woman grabs at her baby, for example. Now it was clear to me that our lady of today had nothing in the house more important to her than what we are looking for. She would hurry to save it. The alarm of fire was well done. The smoke and shouting were enough to scare anyone. She acted just as I expected.

"RUv-figs-dbkc-Ehla-BUb-dhls-jjQba-Hxh-vksA-whks-VK-SU, aks-zhkc-jwoJk-HV-vbla-aiJa-Dia-Dp jjtK jRok-Dia-jria-xia-qNs-jjcv-fNc Sla-Dpg-aks-fys-xia-lld-xk. jxugl-jRok-Rhls-wyJa-cbk xia-jVia-qNs-dka-jwoJk-GF-QPf aks-dmg-EYd-xia-Hch-vbla-jdogk, jrtulf-Sk-jvPgs-cif-CY-qoga-Wcia, jjtba-lld-Fkd-rhls-HV jjthc-jRok-dmg-vmg-jria-aks-jtpn. jRok-tYd-wyJa jjtK lK-DP-vkn-cbk jRok-FI-jVia-Shls-Rpv-div-lld-Fkd-rhls-apJ-HV. jRok-WPf-BUb-vyf-raygs cbk-jRok-Wca-FK-jwoJk-HV-jlok-RUv-aiJa-jtpn-vmg? jjSb-cbk-Woa-wiv-tof-jwoJk-xk jjtK tkc-nis-Fhls-jvPgs-jRok-Bbks-vmg-qiv-Sk, xia-rahk-FK-Vlf-Hq-dcbk-Chk-tm-BUb-jepnA. Chk-jRok-jRif-ePgs-Gf-ePgs-raygs-jtidA-ahlnA-tos-HV jRok-lkf-FK-eUa-jen-DYd-Bbks-dmg-jVia-Hfh.”

"The photograph is in a space behind a thin piece of wood just next to the door. She was there in an instant, and I only had a glance at it as she pulled it out. When I cried out that it was a false alarm, she put it back, glanced at the smoking stick, ran from the room, and I have not seen her since. I got up, and, explaining that I had to leave, hurried from the house. I thought for a moment; should I try to get the photograph at once? But the driver had come in, and he was watching me carefully. It seemed safer to wait. A little over-eagerness, and we could lose everything.”

“jjthc-Sla-apJ-FK-jRif-jjac-Gf-fp?” whln-Ckx.

“dka-euv-rk-wls-jRok-Gdh-FK-Fov-tos-jjthc. xuJ-luga-jRok-FK-HV-qov-aks-qhlx-div-qK-los jjtK LS-dmg-Shls-HV-aI-jRok-Chk-LS-Bkd-FK-HV. qcd-jRok-FK-Cud-aI-jwoJk-HV-Ga-rhls-Riv-jjwd jqug-l-tm-Chk-aks jjSb-xia-lkf-FK-jVia-HV-Hfh-cbk aks-FK-vmg-xk-qov-qcd-jRok-qhlx-div-RUv-aiJa, qK-los-lkf-FK-RUh-eyd-fp-Dpg-FK-xp-Ll-dkf-Hfh-RUv-aiJa-Wua-xk fhcn-xu-wls-qK-los-jls.”

“And now?” I asked.

“Our search is nearly finished. Tomorrow I shall call on her, with the King, and with you, if you care to come with us. We will be shown into the sitting-room to wait for the lady, but it is probable that when she comes she may find neither us nor the photograph. His Majesty might be happy for a chance to get it back in his own hands.”


“jjVf-Lxs-Sla-jEoJk, aks-FK-Shls-vmg-Dia-Suga-ala jjtK jRok-dmg-FK-jwoJk-HV-Hfh-eK-vkn; qcd-jRok-FK-Shls-Rpv-fI-japa-dka jqkK-cbk-dka-jjSbs-ska-wls-aks-jDugl-apJ lkf-rxkn-jCPs-dka-VbNa-jjVs-Ep-cPf jjtK dka-dK-DI-wls-aks-Lfn-ePJa-jEps. jRok-FK-Shls-LD-tK-jtd-rk-qK-tk-Ek-fNc-apJ-jjrtK.”

“And when will you call?”

“At eight in the morning. She will not be up, so that we shall have a clear field. Also, we must be quick, for this marriage may mean a complete change in her life and what she does. I must wire to the King immediately.”

qcd-jRok-HV-jCPs-CK-raoa jv-jdp jjtK BYf-BUb-whks-VK-SU, wK-aK-Dpg-tkc-dI-tis-Eld-rk-wm-dK-jjF-Skx-Cos-jeuJl dmg-xp-Woa-nbks-dkn-xk jjtK jcoJk-cbk:

“tk-Sp-eK-cif jEp-til-d LRxe.”

xp-QUh-Woa-BUb-Skx-Dks-nbks-jVia-FI-aca-rtcs-rtkn-Ga-wK-aK-aiJa jjSb-eNs-jcoJk-aiJa-xk-Fkd-Ekn-raYbx-Rbks-Qlx aYbs-jeuJl-Grnb-LS-nkc qcx-jjtba-dkn-HV-Bbks-zhkc-zigs.

“jRok-Hfh-nPa-eNs-aiJa-xk-dbla,” LRxe-jcoJk-qhlx-Dis-jvPgs-lld-HV-dks-CK-raoa Dpg-xp-jjes-Hz-qm-xocA. “Sla-apJ-jRok-eos-He-BUb-cbk QUh-Ekn-Woa-aiJa-FK-jjxba-GQ-dia-jjDh.”


We had reached Baker Street and had stopped at the door. He was searching his pockets for the key when someone passing said:

“Good night, Sherlock Holmes.”

There were several people on the sidewalk at the time, but the voice appeared to come from a thin young man in a long coat who had hurried by.

“I’ve heard that voice before,” said Holmes, staring down the badly-lit street. “Now, I wonder who in the world that could have been.”


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