Our mascot, a happy mouse

Kham Toummalay

A new book enthusiast

Kham at a book party, helping the students learn a song Kaenkham Toummalay, known as "Kham", is our bookkeeping assistant and lunch cook at Big Brother Mouse. She was born in Xieng Lak village, near Luang Prabang city, one of seven children.

Although she has a secondary school education, Kham was never inspired to read for enjoyment until Khamla, her boyfriend, shared some interesting books from Thailand with jokes, stories, and non-fiction with her. Now, reading is one of her favorite pastimes, and she would like to see all children in Laos have an opportunity to enjoy reading.

Kham began her career at Big Brother Mouse early in 2007, helping Khamla with bookkeeping. During our first year, she cooked a tasty lunch for the staff every day; that led to her book Cooking Lao Food. In her free time, Kham enjoys reading, bicycling, and playing badminton.