Our mascot, a happy mouse

Ounla Santi

The man who drew Big Brother Mouse – and much more

Ounla Santi, Laotian artist for Big Brother Mouse The first two books we prepared were Polar Bear Visits Laos and Eggs, Eggs, Eggs. They were co-illustrated by two talented art students and friends in Vientiane: Ounla Santi and Tiane Vilayphonechitch, who also collaborated on A Very Good Day.

Tiane's schedule kept him from continuing, but Ounla has illustrated many more books with his lively cartoon style, including Frog, Alligator, Buffalo and The Wet Elephant is Busy. He compiled and illustrated the Lao Proverbs Coloring Book, and illustrated and co-authored How to Draw Cartoons.

Since then, Ounla has expanded his range. His illustrations for our first Sherlock Holmes collection, The Red-Headed Club, and other stories, reflect the quite different tone of that book.

Ounla won a special place in all our hearts – and particularly in the heart of Big Brother Mouse himself – because he drew the first pictures of Big Brother Mouse. Most of the mouse pictures you see on this site were drawn by Ounla – whatever personality you see in our mascot's twinkling eyes and upturned nose, Ounla put it there.