Our mascot, a happy mouse

Sakdaphone Keoprachan

Talented and busy

Sakdaphone at our costume party Sakdaphone Keoprachan (nicknamed "Air") was one of three interns who worked with us in the summer of 2007. We told all three of them (Souphaphaeng, Sioubon, and Sakdaphone -- trying saying that fast!) we hoped they could come back when they finished studying, and they say they will.

Sakdaphone was the first. He's in his final year of agricultural studies at university while, at night, he studies English at the Teacher Training College. Then on weekends, he finds time to use his talents as a writer and illustrator at Big Brother Mouse. He enjoys writing funny stories, and drawing with pencil and pen, particularly pictures of local people and the natural environment of Laos. He's illustrated five of our books including The Hunter Who Meditated: Khmu Folktales and In the Land of Dinosaurs.

Sakdaphone loves working with children, and has taught Epok puppetry, drama, games, and music at the Children's Cultural Center here in Luang Prabang. He is proud of his Lao Lum culture, and is a member of a traditional dance group.

Born in 1986 and growing up in the Naviengkham Village section of Luang Prabang, Sakdaphone knew little about life in the mountains until he spent some time with his grandparents when he was 11. He has fond memories of learning how to ride a buffalo and grow rice from his grandfather, and of cooking local mushrooms and bamboo with his grandmother. Always wanting to help, Sakdaphone also recalls trying to carry water from the river with his grandmother. She made it look easy, but he slipped, and all the water spilled away.