Our mascot, a happy mouse

Seng Dao Boun Sa Van

An award-winning artist and teacher

Dao uses paper cuttings as part of his story-telling, at a rural book party. Seng Dao Boun Sa Van, "Dao" to his friends, can be found every night at the Big Brother Mouse shop in Luang Prabang, teaching and playing with the local kids.

He was born and raised in Pha Suk, Luang Prabang, and is the oldest of three. He is very close to his family, and still lives in the family home with his father, who is a soldier, his mother, and younger brother and sister.

During his high school years, Dao attended the Children's Cultural Center (C.C.C) in his free time, where he learned to draw. He enjoyed this experience so much that he decided to become a teacher himself. He still volunteers as an art teacher three days a week at the C.C.C.

When he was 14, Dao fell ill, and could not attend school. His teacher, Chan Tha, told his story to a friend who asked if she could meet Dao and his family. She was so impressed with Dao and his talent for art that she decided to become his sponser. Thanks to Madame XuYens' support, Dao is now furthering his studies at Pha Kohm School.

He has gone on to take first place in three art contests. For one of these contests, he was flown to Japan to receive his prize, an experience he will never forget.

Dao loves working at Big Brother Mouse. He mostly enjoys reading to the children, and teaching them songs, both of which, he believes, help to encourage and maintain the Lao national culture and language. It is also a lot of fun, and gives children new ideas and opportunities.

Currently Dao is reading Peoples of the Golden Triangle. He finds the different cultures fascinating. The book is in English, so he tries to pick out a few words and enjoys the beautiful pictures. He hopes that one day, books like these will be available in his own language, so that Lao people can also enjoy the gift of reading and he's made a step in that direction: He illustrated Vannalet's story I Will See the Moon.