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Donate through a government-approved project

Big Brother Mouse has more supporters in Australia and New Zealand than anywhere else. Thank you!

Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom: You can donate securely through Global Development Group on the form below. All donations over $2 to this approved aid and development project are tax deductible in Australia and New Zealand, and receive Gift Aid benefits in the U.K.Details are on their website.

To begin, please enter the currency you wish to use.

For direct deposit: Go to the site https://globaldevelopmentgroup.org/Projects/Details?id=154&projectName=Big%20Brother%20Mouse%20Village%20Literacy%20Program&projectNum=J557N&FromShortUrl=False&source=pweb https://globaldevelopmentgroup.org/Projects/Details?id=154&projectName=Big%20Brother%20Mouse%20Village%20Literacy%20Program&projectNum=J557N&FromShortUrl=False&source=pweb GDG-DD.

By cheque: Make cheque payable to Global Development Group Ltd and send to Global Development Group NZ, PO Box 10076, Bayfair, Tauranga 3152. Please include a note with date, amount, project number (J557N), name & email address.

GDG regularly transfers donations to us in Laos, and they send a monthly report of donor names. They do not send us contact information (such as email addresses) for donors. If you donate through GDG for a specific purpose, or if for any other reason you'd like to be in touch, please let us know directly, so we can properly credit you, and send a report afterwards.

When asked for a Project ID on the GDG site, please enter J557N.

Thank you.

The Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), is an Australian Non Government Organisation [NGO]. It partners with humanitarian projects such as Big Brother Mouse to assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and auditing, to ensure that the projects are carried out to Australian requirements. Tax deductible receipts for donations to this approved aid and development project will be issued by Global Development Group for Project J557N Big Brother Mouse Village Literacy Program.