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8 December, 2014, Multiple provinces, Laos

A week at a school: Our daily reading time. as well as our "I Can Read!" book series, are new ideas for schools. Today's teachers had nothing like this when they were students; the books didn't exist. So we send two people to a village for a week, working in each classroom each day to be sure the program is set up right, and that everyone is comfortable with it. Teachers become more enthusiastic after they start seeing the dramatic results.

In December and January, rather than setting up new reading programs, we went back to villages that had the program and helped work out any problems.

Two members of our book party team lived for a week in each of 27 villages. Since we've got so many school photos on other pages, here we've put included a few scenes of village life, including meals together and -- our staff says it would have rude for them to not partake -- shared sips of the potent "lao-lao" whiskey.

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