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A Scandal in Bohemia: A Sherlock Holmes Story



“jjtK-jxugl-jRok-Slf-roc+-Wu-jjac-apJ+ LS-Shls-jlok-cif-CY-Dpg-jRok-FK-jlok-Grh-LS Lna-jwoJk-HV-Ga-rhls, wK-aK-fNc-dia-aiJa Grh-LS-Rhls-wyJa-cbk Hz-Hrxh Hz-Hrxh, LS-jwoJk-GF-vmg?”

“jlp, jwoJk-GF-fp-jjthc.”

“xia-vmg-xp-rnis-nkd-fld,” tkc-jcoJk-qhlx-Dis-Fod-jlok-cif-CY-lia-raygs-lld-xk-Fkd-Cos-jeuJ-l, “cif-CY-ahlnA-lia-apJ-FK-qoga-Wcia-lld jxugl-LS-fys-eoJa-raygs-lld. rahk-Dpg-wls-LS-Dpg-Shls-jRif-dmg-Wu dka-fys-eoJa-wls-cif-CY-apJ-lld-Lfn-sbkn, Lna-xia-jwoJk-HV-Ga-Vbls-BhNx jjthc-Rhls-fisA-cbk: ‘Hz-Hrxh! Hz-Hrxh!’ dka-Rhls-cbk-Hz-Hrxh-wls-LS FK-jRif-Grh-rtknA-Woa-Rhls-wyJa-aI. rtis-Fkd-aiJa-Grh-LS-nbks-lld-HV-ald-CK-raoa-qYha jjthc-jRok-FK-HV-qov-LS-BUb-vbla-aiJa-qkn-Ga-lpd-ePv-ak-Dp. LS-jwoJk-GF-Bbks-jjFbx-jjFhs-jjthc-jjxba-vmg?”

“And when I nod my head – like this – you must throw into the room the stick that I will give you to throw. At the same time, raise the cry of fire. Do you follow me?”

“Yes, very well.”

“It is nothing very difficult,” he said, taking a long stick from his pocket. “This little stick will produce smoke when you pull off the end. Your job is simply to pull off the end, throw it through the window, then shout ‘Fire!’ Your cry of fire will be repeated by quite a number of people. You may then walk to the end of the street, and I will join you again in ten minutes. I hope that I have made myself clear?”

“vmg-Grh-jRok-jRif-rnis, qNs-jjSb-Bua-BUb-whksA-Vbls-BhNx, jjax-jvPgs-LS-Hch jjtK jxugl-LS-eogs-eia-nka Grh-jRok-Lna-cif-CY-apJ-jwoJk-HV, rtis-Fkd-aiJa-dmg-Rhls-cbk Hz-Hrxh Hz-Hrxh jjthc-HV-tm-Chk-LS-BUb-ald-CK-raoa-qYha.”



“fp-rtkn, jRok-WPf-cbk xia-jCPs-jc-tk-Dpg-jRok-Shls-SNx-qhlx-VK-SP-vif-dka-jjthc.”

“I am to do nothing, to get near the window, to watch you, and at the sign, to throw in this stick, then to raise the cry of fire, and to wait for you at the corner of the street.”


“Then you may completely trust me to help.”

“Very good. I think, perhaps, it is time for me to prepare for my job.”

tkc-rkn-jjcv-jwoJk-HV-Ga-rhls-ala-wls-tkc jjthc-Fid-rabln-dmg-lld-xk-Ga-EYf jjSbs-dkn-wls-vkf-rtcs. rxcd-ep-fI-Grnb, EYf-jjvv-eK-vknA, Rln-nPJx-Dpg-jVia-xPf jjtK RUv-Rbks-qkn-ald-lia-lbla-Lna-wls-tkc jvPgs-jjthc-jVia-Dpg-rahk-jWok-tov-jEugl-Cu-wls-DYdA-Woa. LRxe-vmg-qNs-jjSb-VbNa-EYf-jjSbs-dkn-wls-tkc-jDogk-aiJa tkc-nis-VbNa-dP-tP-nk-Dbk-Dks jjtK FPf-cPa-nka-wls-tkc-dmg-jvPgs-Whkn-div-cbk-VbNa-HV-rxof.

He disappeared into his bedroom and returned in a few minutes in the clothes of a friendly-looking minister. His wide black hat, comfortable clothes, friendly smile, and pleasant appearance were such that anyone would have trusted their soul to this kindly-looking man. It was not just that Holmes changed his clothes. His look, his manner, his very soul seemed to have changed, as well.

jRok-lld-Fkd-CK-raoa jv-jdp HV-jc-tk 6:15 ak-Dp jjtK qcd-jRok-HV-jCPs-CK-raoa Tp-jcp-Ekn jc-tk 6: 50 ak-Dp. xia-xuf-qm-fp jjtK Hz-CK-raoa-dmg-jtpgx-jVpf-wyJa wK-aK-Dpg-qcd-jRok-nbks-div-HV-div-xk-BUb-Smg-rahk-LRs-jjRx Hv-T-lia. jvPgs-Soc-lk-Wka-dmg-jVia-figs-Dpg-whln-ckf-qkv-Hch-Ga-Sla-Dpg jEp-til-d LRxe lK-DP-vkn-eUb-whln-zis jjSb-cbk-CK-raoa-jSix-HV-fhcn-tof-tks-qk-rK-aK rtkn-dcbk-Dpg-whln-Wkf-WPf-jlok-Hch. Wckx-FPs-jjthc-CK-raoa-jjWvA-Ga-jwf-sNv-eK-rsov-jjvv-apJ vmg-rahk-FK-eiv-eoa-cYha-ckn-Vka-apJ. xp-dYbx-QUh-Ekn-Dpg-jjSbs-Soc-vmg-jVia-tK-vNv-RNv-Rhln, eUv-Bk jjtK qk-dia-roc-zof-eK-raiga-BUb-xUx-raygs, Woa-tiv-xpf-qhlx-div-tmJ-wls-tkc, Woa-nkx-els-Woa-dI-tis-nPJx jjtK jcoJk-Bld-Hn-div-QUh-ekc jjtK QUh-Ekn-Dpg-jjSbs-Soc-RNv-Rhln-lpd-rtknA-Woa-qcx-nbks-rtPJa-HV+-xk.

It was a quarter past six when we left Baker Street, and it was still ten minutes before seven when we found ourselves on Riverside Street. It was already getting dark, and the street lights were just being lit as we walked up and down in front of the Brian Hotel. The house was just as I had pictured it from Sherlock Holmes’ description, but the street appeared to be busier than I expected. In fact, for a small street in a quiet neighborhood, it was remarkably busy. There was a group of badly-dressed men smoking and laughing in a corner, a knife-sharpener with his wheel, two policemen who were smiling and joking with a young woman, and several well-dressed young men who were loafing about.

“RUh-vmg-cbk,” LRxe-SiJs-wmJ-eis-jdf wK-aK-Dpg-qcd-jRok-nbks-HV+-xk-BUb-Smg-rahk-LRs-jjRx, “dka-jjSbs-ska-wls-qcd-jwok lkf-FK-jRif-Grh-jtugls-tkc-DYd-Bbks-sbkn-wyJa. Sla-apJ-RUv-figs-dbkc-lkf-dkn-jVia-fkv-els-Wox-Smg-div-aks jrxula-div-Dpg-xia-lkf-FK-jVia-div-tUd-Wckx-wls-jRok. Ll-dkf-xp-BUb-cbk aks-FK-Shls-Bhka Dbka-dlf-jzT am-Sia FK-jria-RUv-aiJa jrxula-div-qK-tk-Ek-Bhka-cbk jjxb-nPs-Dpg-FK-xk-jVia-qK-xK-jr-ep-wls-qK-los-Ga-HcA-apJ FK-Hfh-jria-RUv-aiJa-jEiga-dia. Sla-apJ-WI-Ckx-dmg-Wu: jRok-FK-qov-jria-RUv-aiJa-BUb-Ge?”

“You see,” remarked Holmes, as we walked in front of the house, “this marriage should make matters simpler. Now, the photograph could hurt her, as easily as it could hurt our client. The chances are that she would be as afraid of its being seen by Mr. Godfrey Norton, as the King is of its being seen by the woman who will soon be his wife. Now the question is, Where are we to find the photograph?”

“aiJa-jjrtK, xia-BUb-Ge-dia-jjDh?”

“jvPgs-jjthc-xia-jVia-HV-vmg-Hfh-jtpn Dpg-aks-FK-qod-SPf-Soc-Hch-BUb-SK-rtlf, xia-Grnb-jdpa-HV, Grnb-jdpa-HV-Dpg-FK-Ehla-Hch-Ga-EYf-wls-jjxb-nPs-Hfh-Lfn-sbkn. aks-RUh-cbk qK-los-ek-xkf-nyf jjtK WoJa-Soc-aks-Hfh, dka-qK-nk-nkx-jRif-jjvv-apJ-xp-wyJa-els-jDugl-jjthc eK-aiJa-dka-Dpg-jRok-FK-Hfh-xia-xk Wos-vmg-jjxba-Sla-Dpg-aks-qod-SPf-Soc-jjab-ala.”

“Where, indeed?”

“It is most unlikely that she carries it about with her. It is too big. Too large to be easily hidden in a woman’s dress. She knows that the King is able to have her stopped and searched. Two tries of the sort have already been made. We may take it, then, that she does not carry it about with her.”


“aks-lkf-FK-jdiv-xia-Hch-div-Woa-luga-Dpg-aks-Hch-GF-Hfh, aiJa-lkf-xp-Wckx-jVia-HV-Hfh jjSb-jRok-cbk-xia-vmg-jVia-jjac-aiJa-fld. Lfn-Dogc-HV-jjthc jjxb-nPs-xid-FK-Vod-VPf-Wckx-tiv jjtK qcd-jwok-xid-FK-Rid-ek-Wckx-tiv-Hch-div-Soc-jls jjthc-jrf-Gf-aks-FK-Shls-jlok-xia-Grh-div-Woa-luga? aks-Hch-GF-Soc-jls jjtK FI-Hfh-vmg-cbk aks-cks-jjQa-FK-GEh-xia-qkn-Ga-els+-ekx-xuJ-apJ. xia-FK-Shls-jVia-vbla-Dpg-aks-ek-xkf-Fiv-jlok-Hfh-sbkn, xia-FK-Shls-BUb-Ga-jRula-wls-aks.”

“Where, then?”

“She may have trusted it to someone else. There is that possibility. But I think not. Women are naturally secretive, and they like to keep their secrets to themselves. Why should she hand it over to anyone else? She could trust herself. Also, remember that she had planned to use it within a few days. It must be where she can quickly lay her hands on it. It must be in her own house.”

“jjSb-jRula-wls-aks-Cud-vYd-tYd jjtK WoJa-xk-jjthc-els-jDug-l.”

“Lln! xia-EP-xp-Wckx-rxkn-rnis Ga-jxug-l-qcd-jwok-vmg-RUh-cP-Dp-WoJa.”






“jjSb-jRok-cbk-aks-Shls-jRif-jjvv-aiJa. jRok-Hfh-nPa-eNs-tmJ-tof, xia-jVia-tof-wls-aks, Sla-apJ-LS-jRif-Skx-Dpg-jRok-vld-dmg-jjthc-dia.”

“But her house has twice been broken into and searched.”

“Meaningless! They did not know how to look.”

“But how will you look?”

“I will not look.”

“What then?”

“I will get her to show me.”

“But she will never do that!”

“Oh, I think she will. But I hear the sound of wheels. It is her car. Now carry out my orders to the letter.”

wK-aK-Dpg-tkc-jcoJk-BUb whln-dmg-jria-Hz-fhka-whks-wls-tof-xk-jjSb-xUx-raygs-wls-CK-raoa, vmg-foa-tof-Wia-aiJa-dmg-xk-Rlf-rahk-VK-SU-LRs-jjRx Hv-T-lia. qm-xk-jCPs raygs-Ga-via-fk-QUh-Ekn-Dpg-nbks-HV+-xk-BUb-xUxA-raygs-dmg-jjtba-jwoJk-xk-jVpf-VK-SU-tof Lfn-rcis-FK-Hfh-jsPa-DPv-Fid-jtid-ahln jjSb-tkc-EO-qif-Cud-QUh-Ekn-lpd-Woa-raygs Dpg-rcis-jEiga-fNc-div-tkc-nUh-lld. xp-dka-Sbln-Sp-dia-jdpf-wyJa Lfn-Cud-nocK-nca-Fkd-Woa-nkx-els-Woa Dpg-jwoJk-whks-Zbkn-raygs jjtK xp-Woa-tiv-xpf-jwoJk-whks-lpd-Zbkn-raygs.

As he spoke, I could see the side-lights of a car come around the corner of the street. Soon a cab rolled up to the door of the Brian Hotel. As it pulled up, one of the loafing men at the corner ran forward to open the door in the hope of earning a little money, but he was pushed away by another loafer, who had run up with the same plan in mind. A fight broke out. The two policemen only made it worse: They both took sides with one of the loafers, while the knife-sharpener was equally eager to help the other side.

Woa-raygs-zkf-dO-ViJa-Geb-Zbkn-dos-dia-whkx wK-aK-Dpg-eY-qkv-eK-Sp-lld-xk-Fkd-tof, aks-Cud-lhlx-Rlv-Hch-fhcn-dYbx-Woa-Dpg-dI-tis-Sp-dia-fhcn-Hxh-Whla-BUb. LRxe-Rpv-jjtba-jwoJk-HV-Ga-dYbx -jqugl-Vhls-dia-eY-qkv-eK-Sp-Woa-aiJa, qm-jjSb-tkc-jwoJk-HV-jCPs-aks tkc-dmg-Rhls-wyJa-Bbks-jjRs jjtK ala-zYv-tos-div-quJa, xp-jtulf-Hrt-lkv-rahk-wls-tkc-Bbks-vmg-wkf-ekn.

One man hit another, and in an instant the lady, who had stepped from her car, was the center of a little group of fighting men, who hit at each other with sticks. Holmes ran into the crowd to protect the lady; but just as he reached her he gave a cry and dropped to the ground, with blood running freely down his face.

qm-tkc-toJx-tos Woa-nkx-Dis-els-dmg-jjtba-rap-HV-DPf-Dks-raygs jjtK qcd-QUh-Ekn-Dpg-Sp-dia-HV-lpd-Dks-raygs wK-aK-dYbx-QUh-Ekn-Dpg-jjSbs-Soc-fp-rtkn-Woa jEPgs-vmg-jwoJk-jVia-ebca-Rbcx wls-dka-Sov-Sp-dia-apJ dmg-qk-dia-rYhx-jwoJk-xk-Ebcn-eY-qkv-eK-Sp jjtK QUh-Ekn-Dpg-Hfh-Riv-vkf-jFiv. Hl-Tpa jjlf-jtp -Rpv-jjtba-wyJa-wiJa-Hf-HV jjSb-aks-BYf-BUb-roc-wiJa-Hf jjthc-rtNc-div-HV Dks-CK-raoa-fhcn-RUv-Lex-lia-ecn-skx Dbkx-dks-jjes-Hz-Dpg-ekf-ebls-BUb-Ga-vhka.

At his fall the policemen ran off in one direction and the loafers in the other, while a number of better-dressed people, who had watched the fight without taking part in it, crowded in to help the lady and the hurt man. Irene Adler, as I will still call her, had hurried up the steps; but she stood at the top with her beautiful figure clearly lit against the lights of the hall, looking back into the street.

“eY-qkv-vU-tYf-Woa-aiJa-jFiv-rtkn-vmg?” aks-Ckx.

“tkc-Skn-jjthc,” xp-rtkn-eNs-Rhls-vld.

“vmg, vmg-Skn-jDug-l, tkc-nis-xp-Ep-cPf-BUb,” xp-eNs-raygs-Rhls-lld-xk, “jjSb-tkc-FK-Shls-Skn-dbla-Dpg-jFoJk-FK-qk-tkc-HV-qov-Dbka-rxm-Hfh.”

“tkc-jVia-Woa-dhk-rka-jjDhA,” jjxb-nPs-Woa-raygs-jcoJk-wyJa, “qcd-jwok-lkf-FK-fys-dK-jVok jjtK Lxs-wls-aks-HV-Hfh Chk-eY-qkv-vU-tYf-Woa-apJ-vmg-jwoJk-HV-Ebcn-Hch-Dia, qcd-jwok-jVia-jjdigs-lia-DK-qka-Dpg-Eogc-Rhkn. jlp! tkc-rkn-GF-Hfh-jjthc.”

“Is the poor gentleman badly hurt?” she asked.

“He is dead,” cried several voices.

“No, no, there’s life in him!” shouted another. “But he’ll be gone before you can get him to a doctor.”

“He’s a daring man,” said a woman. “They would have had the lady’s money and watch if it hadn’t been for him. They were a gang, and a rough one, too. Ah, he’s breathing now.”

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