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Will you join hundreds of other book sponsors to get books to more children in Laos? Each sponsorship helps us publish one more book in a country where that's still a rare event. Here are details about how to send your sponsorship donation.

Books that need a sponsor: (all amounts are in U.S. dollars)

FUN WITH FRUIT: a book that needs a sponsor.

We are lucky to have a great variety of flavorful, inexpensive, and healthy fruit here in Laos. Sone's lively rhymes combine with the playful pictures of two young artists to introduce Lao children to some new fruits, as well as celebrating some familiar favorites.
Lao language. Sponsorship: US $1750

As they enter puberty, young Laotians have the same questions as those in other countries, but with far less accurate information. This book addresses all aspects of puberty, including physical changes, menstruation, sexually-transmitted diseases, and an overview of the reproductive system.
Lao language. Sponsorship: US $3200

Meet Bob, an adventurous young monkey. Bob likes adventure. He likes to read. Most of all, he likes bananas. While pursuing his varied interests, Bob catches two art thieves, and becomes a celebrity.
Lao and English. Sponsorship: US $2000

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Sponsors will get a thank-you both in the book, and on our website. If you prefer not to have your name appear, or would like to be listed in a particular way (as a business, for example, or with a partner's name), please let us know.

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