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Book sponsors

Literacy doesn't mean much if there's nothing to read. These people and organizations have brought new books to Laos during the past two years, by sponsoring the publication of a title. Thank you!


* Joseph Riley(USA): Spectacular!

* Christian Wulle(Switzerland): What Am I?

* United World College South East Asia, Dover Campus(Singapore): Phiiyakvai

* United World College South East Asia, Dover Campus(Singapore): No Chickens, No Eggs

* Kathy Kronenberg & John Gee(USA): Cellphones

* Connie Potter and Chris Thomas(Switzerland): Jigsaw#1

* Christoph Langguth(Switzerland): Puzzles

* Lesley Morgan Thompson and Alvin W. Thompson(USA): King Leopold's Ghost


* Greg Foster(Australia): The Rabbit and the Turtle

* Molly Bostic(USA): Kamnuandoku Puzzles, #3

* Lin Palmer(England): The Green Book about Birds

* The Cultural Studies Series in Vientiane, and an art exhibition held in Vientiane by Nancy D. Lane: The Pen Reflects My Life


* Abraham in Singapore: Village Life - Easy English/Lao Stories

* Roland Kroese Opleidingsfonds and Champa Foundation (Netherlands): One Mouse and Seven Cats

* In memory of Than MacAlan Thompson, the Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood: Tigers and Rice

* Shakha Vasdani, in honor of his wife Shazia Vasdani and his daughter Alayah Jahan Vasdani(Canada): Prehistoric Life Coloring Book

* McLarney Construction (USA): Lao Animals Coloring Book

* Zena Carter (Australia): Kamnuandoku Puzzles, #2

* Patrick Sarnacke (USA), and Anne Jaumees (Australia): The Crow Looks For the Horse

* United World College South East Asia, Dover Campus (Singapore): Brother Sells a Buffalo


* The family and friends of Xavier Grousson (Switzerland): People of the Forest

* Tim Gosswiler (Switzerland), and Jeremy Randell: The Very Hungry Wolf

* Rory O'Callaghan (Ireland): Fire in the Straw!

* The Sonenberg family (Andrea & Glenn Sonnenber) in memory Mr. Bradley Evan Sonnenberg: Practice Writing the English Alphabet

* Simon Weston (Hong Kong SAR, China): The Blue book of Aesop's Fables

* Chris & Marilee Lucas (New Zealand): Opposites

* The family and friends of Xavier Grousson (Switzerland): How the Blind Man Found a Wife

* Isabella Limbach (Germany): The Lazy Man's Plan

* Dave Schaller (United States): An American Girl

* Christoph Langguth: Little Deer

* A357 GmbH, Winterthu (Switzerland): The Green Book of Aesop's Fables

* Heather, Jacek & friends (USA): The Smart Country Kid

* Etonhouse International School (Singapore): The Invisible Bride

* Matt Cooke & Emma Craddock at Cooke Components Ltd (United Kingdom): Prince Phadaeng and Princess Aikham

* Julie McIntyre, and Fiona Robson (both of Australia): Animals Coloring Book

* Patrick Sarnacke (USA): Proverbs of Laos

* Yatai Food Cart, Denver (USA), and the Cubit Family (Australia): What's in the Market?

* Michael Sanderson (USA), and Brian & Gerry Warren (Australia): The Hunter Who Meditated

* Lee Yong and the Golden Virtues (Singapore): The Cat that Meditated

* Ashleya Eggleston, and an anonymous donor (both of Australia): Yellow Book of Interesting Facts

* Slowork Publishing and the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan), and Julie McIntyre (Australia): How Hmong People Got Their Names

* Slowork Publishing and the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan), and Ann McVey (Australia): Little Cow

* Peggy Horn (Australia): Kamnuandoku Puzzles, #1

* Karen & John de Vries and Planet Wheeler Foundation, all of (Australia): Practice Writing the Lao Alphabet

* Planet Wheeler, Ann McVey, and Danebury Pty Ltd Congress Rental (all of Australia): How to Care for Pigs

* Heiko Vogel and Andrea Schreiber (Germany): Treasure Island

Will you join them to help promote literacy in Laos? Here's the list of titles that still need a sponsor.

Village book parties

Children at a rural book party in Laos

These people have donated enough to sponsor a book party and donate more books to a rural village school. Thank you!


Fiona Robson * Allee & Bridwell families * Sasha Alyson * Julie McIntyre * Joseph Riley


United World College South East Asia, Dover Campus * Lesley Morgan Thompson and Alvin W. Thompson * Robert Moyer, Cathy Lee, and Jason Moyer-Lee * Helen Rankin * Katharina Wimmer * Zena Carter * Lucy Ridout * World Food Programe * Eric Gmeinder * Peggy Horn * Greg Foster * Robert Hosking * Charles Felsenthal * Joe Rasberry * Patrick Sarnacke * Walter Schaller * Fiona Robson * Kathy Kronenberg & John Gee * Alex Beemer * marc dsouter * Genevieve Moeckel * Sasha Alyson * Anne Jaumees * Bettina Ulbricht * Julie McIntyre * GE Bell * The Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood * Stewardship * John & Jean Burton * Lamberto Andreotti * Joseph Riley * katherine garrison * Joe Realmuto * Jens Wegener * Connie Potter and Chris Thomas

Most village children still have no access to books. Come see what happens at a book party. Will you sponsor or co-sponsor one?