Laos 1957 book cover

Laos 1957

A Hmong boy with a bird trap ... a girl carrying water in bamboo tubes ... a man weaving a basket ... monks passing through the streets of Luang Prabang... women in traditional ethnic clothing.

These are selected photographs taken by Joel Halpern, an anthropologist who lived in Laos for several years, first in 1957. With his kind cooperation, over 200 of these historic photos appear here, along with details about ethnic groups, ceremonies, and crafts of an earlier generation.

photographs by Joel Martin Halpern
First published in 2010 :: Lao and English :: 48 pages :: Paperback :: 26 x 19 cm

This book was made possible with support from the Bengier Foundation (USA), Jim McSherry (USA), and Planet Wheeler (Australia). Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: Laos 1957


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