Trees are Fascinating! book cover

Trees are Fascinating!

Children use the bright red fruit of the Lipstick tree to color their lips and cheeks, for fun. We can make paper from the bark from the Paper Mulberry; the fruit is delicious, but so delicate that it's difficult to take it home as food. Petals from the Golden Showers tree fill the air like yellow confetti.

The trees of Laos provide food, shade, wood, medicine, and beauty. They also clean the air and protect the hillsides from erosion. This book, filled with information about 20 common species, will help build the appreciation for trees that will be necessary to preserve the forests of Laos.

by Uncle Sasha
First published in 2012 :: Lao language :: 32 pages :: Paperback :: A6

This book was made possible with support from A357 GmbH, Winterthur, Switzerland

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