World War II book cover

World War II

Bad money drives out good money, economists say, and pop history drives out real history. "World War II – is that the same as Star Wars?" asked one college graduate when we told him we were preparing this book.

But there are lessons to be learned from history, and this book starts the process. With photos and text it describes the realities and horrors of the war, as well as its primary causes and consequences.

This is the hardcover edition, for library use, of a book already published in a popular paperback form.

by Uncle Sasha
First published in 2013 :: Lao language :: 128 pages :: Cloth :: A4

This book was made possible by support from the Embassy of Switzerland to Laos, Planet Wheeler (Australia), and the Laos Literacy Project (USA). Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: World War II


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